Show back and City is the hero, a useless victory for Liverpool

Show back and City is the hero, a useless victory for Liverpool

Guardiola’s team regains Aston Villa 0-2 to 3-2 and confirms the title, defeating the Reds in five minutes despite 3-1 at Wolverhampton.

After one last day for strong hearts is Manchester To overcome Premier League. Guardiola’s team sees the abyss and goes down 2-0 with Aston Villa, then within five minutes flips the score that goes from hell to heaven. 3-1 . success Liverpool with Wolverhampton. Other provisions: Tottenham in the Champions League Along with Chelsea, Arsenal and United in the European League and West Ham in the conference. Burnley fell.

Manchester City-Aston Villa 3-2
Emotions, twists and exciting returns are the setting for Manchester City’s conquest of the Premier League. Citizens confirmed as the England national team champion after a match on strong hearts, in which Guardiola saw the abyss before bursting with joy with the fans that invaded the stadium, just like Mancini ten years ago. Guardiola’s side feel the pressure and catch a lot of the ball without ever becoming dangerous, so Aston Villa top one of the few offensive actions in the 37th minute with a gentle Cash header that surprises the often-distracted Citizens defence. In particular, Fernardinho, in the last game in the City shirt, committed two more naiveties in the first half of the final, but Watkins always misses a great opportunity for a great double. How many risks to Guardiola who goes to the locker room and sighs because the result could have been more dangerous, in the second half all his men threw themselves forward and it was Watkins who failed again to double the guests. This is just a drill in clothes, Guardiola’s men are quite competent especially in defence, then the much-advertised double for Aston Villa finally arrived in the 68th minute with Coutinho. Speechless Etihad Stadium, Gundogan takes care that he just entered in the 76th minute to shorten the distance and revitalize the environment. It’s the decisive shock, only three minutes have passed and Rodri signs a sensational equaliser: devastating one and two, then for the trio it’s just a matter of time and again Gundogan plays the role of the savior of the homeland and in the 81st minute he sets in from half a meter. Five minutes of madness that changed the history of the Premier League, five minutes of going from hell to heaven, the city raises the wall and the party starts from the triple whistle.

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Liverpool – Wolverhampton 3-1
Klopp only touches the dream, he believes in it but then he collides with the most beautiful and now Liverpool can focus on the Champions League final against Real Madrid next Saturday. A shocking start for Liverpool, just three minutes after Neto’s blitzkrieg goal. The Reds stunned and risked doubling down with Dendoncker, but the fear overtook Thiago Alcantara with superb heel packages for Mane and the Senegalese (on the edge of offside) signing 1-1 alone in front of the goalkeeper. On the other hand, Mane is sure to always be offside at the start of the second half when he leads his team forward, but Farr cancels out the goal that would have ascended Liverpool at that moment to first place in the standings. Positive news arrives from Manchester but Klopp’s team is tired, Salah is also not at his best physically, Wolves do not make additions and remain deceptive on the counter-attack. Time is running out and the wheel doesn’t help, City’s three goals in five minutes don’t help either, Salah’s superiority becomes useless in the 84th minute and Robertson’s three close to recovery make the useless victory bitter.

Other matches
In addition to City and Liverpool, who have already broadly qualified for the Champions League several days ago, Chelsea and Tottenham are the other two teams that snatched the pass for the first European championship. The Blues consolidated their third position thanks to a 2-1 win over Watford (already relegated) with goals from Havertz and Barkley, instead Conte’s team snatched fourth after an easy 5-0 away success over already relegated Norwich. As for Spurs’ goals from Kulusevski (double), Son (dual) and Kane, they mocked Arsenal who should be satisfied with a deserved fifth place in the Europa League despite their crushing 5-1 home game against Everton. Also in the European League, Manchester United despite a 1-0 knockout at Crystal Palace, while West Ham (who defeated 3-1 in Brighton) will play in the next Conference League. In the battle for redemption, Leeds were victorious, with Brentford returning 2-1 and sending Burnley to the Championship, defeating Newcastle 2-1. And finally, Leicester – Southampton 4-1.

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