The mobile application has been updated again, 12 days before the end of the service –

The mobile application has been updated again, 12 days before the end of the service –

and you know, Google Stadia About to die for good. The service will be closed within 12 days and from that moment it will not be possible to use it. Apparently, however, the developersmobile app They are continuing to publish updates.

According to Tom Warren on Twitter, the Google Stadia mobile app has been updated to version 4.24. Weight 148.9 MB. The description refers to the classicFixes and improvementswithout specifying anything else.

As Warren also pointed out, it’s strange that Google keeps updating the app considering it will soon be completely useless. It is possible that the general description shared by the company is intentionally inaccurate and that the update is used to prepare the app to shut down the service.

It’s hard to say exactly what Google is doing with the Stadia app, but in general it doesn’t matter because in less than two weeks it won’t be accessible.

Google Stadia Unfortunately, it struggled to find an audience, and it was clear from the start that the service wasn’t getting enough support to be able to survive in the long term. Even if the underlying technology is more than valid, according to many, Mountain View got the economic model wrong (even Phil Spencer thinks so). Moreover, the close closure of the first-party bands did not inspire much confidence, leaving the platform with a series of large multi-platform AAAs and a few small exclusives that the general public had never heard of: very little to be able to sustain such a project assigned.

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