Totti vs Blasi, here’s the one who keeps Rolex watches: he wasn’t expecting it!

Totti vs Blasi, here’s the one who keeps Rolex watches: he wasn’t expecting it!

Francesco Totti has accused his ex-wife Elari Blasi of stealing a very valuable collection of Rolex watches from him, a very serious accusation that will surely have consequences.

The split between Francesco Totti and Ilari Blasi getting more and more dark, Between the two it doesn’t seem like it can end peacefully but already talking about the court, Divorce where they are likely to quarrel on both fronts.

There was definitely added meat to the fire Francesco Totti’s recent interview with Corriere della Sera Decided by journalist Aldo Cazullo Some really powerful phrases Regarding the breakup with ex-life partner Elari Blasey.

During the deep and long chat, many topics were covered and many of them caused a real media frenzy, not only because of Former football champion Blasey was accused of being the first to betray And not just with one man but with several, her friend and hairstylist Alicia Soledani always has it covered, but He also accused her of stealing some valuable Rolex watches from him. An accusation will certainly have dire consequences.

Judgment is issued by the judge

After nearly twenty years of marriage and the birth of beloved children, Chanel, Christian and IsabelThe couple, Totti Blasi, who have appeared to be among the most solid and long-lived on the Italian television and sports scene, have been at loggerheads, the jeweler’s press release issued last July in which the two announced the now end of their marriage. Date.

From that moment, rumors and inferences began arriving, Pictures of Francesco under the house of an unknown woman The summer scandal began: Who is Totti’s alleged lover, this Noemi Bocchi?

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Totti Place

All summer there were statements, paparazzi photos, and photos of Elari who, with children and suitcases, was moving from side to side between Italy and the world, all to stay as far away as possible from the fuss that was unleashed.

but with september It was Totti who broke the silence Confirming the rumors about NoemiSame thing, admit it Yes, they have a relationship that lasted from new yearsbut Boboni says it was a result of him Depressed to discover Elari’s betrayal. After going through a very dark period, he met the Romanian flower designer at the gym where they played Paddle and over time a tall boy was born out of a friendship.

What left everyone in a daze during the interview is Admitting that Elari stole a Rolex from him Of great value, he says, She went with her father to unpack the safe deposit boxes, and took my watch set. He didn’t even leave collateral, not even funds. There are some very valuable Rolex watches. He claims I gave it to him. But if it is men’s watches … I refuse to think that it is a question of money. If there is anything, it’s Defiance.”

The words uttered by Totti are strong towards his ex-wife Elari, allegations that could have important consequences, Even in court, actually for trying to belittle what he just said, Francesco adds, “I hid the bags from her, hoping to exchange them…but there was no way. And that’s not all. He made me follow a private investigator.”

As much as they can quarrel, the separation will follow two specific paths, that of Boboni will remain with him, and that of Elari will remain with her, since they were married under separation of assets.

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Totti Place

But where did the Rolex Francesco Totti watches go?

Speaking of Rolex, it appears that there will be additional work for both Totti’s attorney and Blasey’s attorney, but the decision on the ownership of collectors’ chronograph watches will be with a second judge, certainly not the one to issue the dismissal.

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