Bulevard Rosa will reopen in May as a unique museum

Bulevard Rosa will reopen in May as a unique museum

With its unbeatable location, no one expected that the closure of Boulevard Rosa in 2018 would lead to many years of emptiness in the middle of Barcelona's Gracia Park. But the architecture of the old trade fairs was too much to accommodate the failed reliefs. Finally, it appears that on May 11, this space will be reborn as a unique museum of which few details have been revealed.

Cultural space

White Rabbit, outside the Barcelona Museum, points to its website announcing its opening in 20 days. It was announced in the fall that the site would have a cultural use. Speaking on Friday about the opening of the museum, Pitfe also stressed that its directors are presenting it as a space to “enjoy learning about Catalan culture.”

The new website will offer a tour of 10 facilities that reflect Barcelona's cultural diversity. Different viewpoints of artists such as Tvboy, La Fura dels Baus, Mina Hammada and Carles Piera will coincide. Each room will allow you to enter the city. According to the “White Rabbit” portal, the show will be like “this local friend who guides you and reveals to you the secrets of the city.” Audiences will be able to relive the 92nd Olympic Games, play the magnificent Kaganer or dance as if they were in the Razzmatazz room.

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