Extension of two months for self-declaration of state aid

Extension of two months for self-declaration of state aid

Extended State Aid Covid-19 self-declaration is official: New deadline to January 31, 2023

After the past few days of deep agony for insiders – mainly because of the slowness of the site RNA – National Registry of State Assistance – The long-awaited official extension of the deadline forSelf-declaration for state assistance.

The new deadline is Next January 31, 2023.

This is the second extension of the same implementation, which was initially expected to be submitted by June 30, and then extended until November 30.

The Provision of Revenue Agency No. 439400/2022 It also does not extend the deadline for filing the 2022 tax return electronically (the 2021 tax period). The reference referred to in point 1.b) does not refer to the expiry of the tax return court but always to the self-declaration of the interim framework.

Official Extension of State Aid Self-Declaration, New Deadline January 31, 2023

A few minutes ago, the Revenue Agency extended the deadline for self-declaration of state aid to January 31, 2023, and here is the official text:

Two additional months to submit the corporate tax return they received to the Revenue Agency State aid During the Covid-19 emergency.

a The ruling is signed by the Director of the Revenue Agency, Ernesto Maria Ruffinimove the deadline for submitting the self-certification From November 30, 2022 to January 31, 2023.

The deadline for submitting a self-declaration, initially set as 30 June 2022, has been extended to 30 November 2022 by an earlier ruling.

The new deferral caters to reports from certain professionals hired to be sent by their clientswho in recent days have encountered difficulties in accessing National Registry of State Assistance (RNA)which is a useful process for finding the information needed to complete returns that will be sent electronically to the Revenue Agency.

The self-declaration serves to certify that the total amount of economic support received does not exceed the ceilings referred to in the “Provisional Framework” for European Commission Communications and to comply with the various conditions envisaged.

Internal Revenue Appropriation No. 439400/2022
Permanently extending the deadline for submitting the Self-Declaration of Assistance in Section 3.1 and Section 3.12 of the European Commission Communication of 19 March 2020 C (2020) 1863. Changes to the Provision of Director of the Prot Revenue Agency. number. 143438 dated April 27, 2022
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The reasons for the extension and the tax system to be reviewed

explains the revenue agency Reasons for extension Clearly in the ruling posted this evening:

Some professionals responsible for submitting self-disclosures on behalf of assisted taxpayers, by the November 30, 2022 deadline, had difficulties accessing the Transparency Section of the National Registry of State Aid (RNA), a useful process for finding information necessary to compile a self-declaration. itself.

Therefore, in order to ensure the usability of the services available on the RNA portal, this provision amends points 2.3 and 2.4 of the Revenue Agency Director’s Provision. number. 143438 dated April 27, 2022, stating that the said self-declaration must be submitted by January 31, 2023 instead of November 30, 2022”

The slowness of the RNA portal related to the National State Aid Registry has also been decried several times here on Informazione Fiscale, especially as a result of the many reports our editorial team has also received in recent days.

The extension had been formally requested by the President of the National Council of Certified Public Accountants and Accounting Professionals Elbano Di Nuccio in yesterday’s day.

Di Nuccio himself, through He pressesthe official newspaper of the National Council expressed its satisfaction with the provision which it identified as necessary and “He requested an intense institutional dialogue with the top management of the Ministry of Enterprise and Made in Italy and with the Revenue Agency, to reduce the inconvenience experienced by accountants and their clients in these days when, moreover, many other achievements have expired“.

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De Nuccio continues:

When the public system shows difficulties in providing the necessary services to citizens However, it is necessary to save more time To avoid that operational difficulties are added to the achievement which can only create tension and resentment.

We look forward to the futurevery close As the continuous demand for extensions is no longer necessarybut it is characterized by fewer achievements whose actual usefulness is often not seen.

Accountants are ready to make a decisive contribution to this work of simplification.

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