Venice-Spezia 0-0: Live news live

Venice-Spezia 0-0: Live news live
  • Where the match will be held:

    Stadium: Pierluigi Pinzo
    City: Venice
    Capacity: 7499 spectators7.13 pm

  • At Pier Luigi Pinzo, everything is ready for the Venezia-Spezia match, as the fifth day of Serie B progresses.7.13 pm

  • The tournament returns after the break for the national teams, as the Orange and Greens look to continue their march towards the top of the rankings, as the Ligurians return from two consecutive knockout defeats to Como and Catanzaro.7.16 pm

  • Here are the lineups. Venice in a 4-3-3 formation: Goronen – Zampanu, Altar, Edzis, Svirko – Bosio, Tessman, Lella – Perini, Pohjanpalu, Johnsen. Available: Bertinato, Grande, Dembélé, Modulo, Bossato, Ullmann, Andersen, Ellertsson, Bjarkasson, Cheryshev, Gitkjaer.8.33 pm

  • 4-3-3 for Spezia as well: Dragovski – Amiens, Bertola, Nicolaou, Ricca – Cassata, Salvatore Esposito, Bandinelli – Verdi, Moro, Antonucci. Available: Zoet, Gelashvili, Moutinho, Petra, Corradini, Zurkowski, Sibut, Ekdal, Coda, Krolis, Elia, Pio Esposito.8.19 pm

  • Candela is out, Zampano is in, Sverko is emphasized on the left. Fanoli relies on the Berini-Bohjanpalu-Johnsen trident, and Lella and Bosio on either side of Tessmann in midfield.7.29 pm

  • Alvini puts himself in the spotlight, returning to the back four (his debut for the young Bertola), and with Verdi – making his debut in the tournament – in the trident completed by Moro and Antonucci.7.55 pm

  • The warm-up phases are over and the match managed by Forno will begin soon.8.20 pm

  • 1′

    Venice-Spezia starts, and the ball goes to the Ligurians.8.31 pm

  • 3′

    The study stages begin, and the two teams face each other in the middle.8.34 pm

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  • 5′

    Dangerous back pass from Nicolau, Dragowski manages to clear it before Pohjanpalo arrives.8.35 pm

  • 5′

    Amiens touches behind Salvatore Esposito, shot blocked by Bosio.8.37 pm

  • 6′

    Off to Perini, Nicolau in front.8.36 pm

  • 8′

    Through ball from Verdi to Antonucci, Moro’s pass is blocked by Altari.8.40 pm

  • 9′

    The green targets the area centrally, and Altare is unbeatable.8.40 pm

  • 10′

    Verdi’s mistake and Nicolau compensates for it on Pohjanbalo.8.41 pm

  • 11′

    Shotgun opportunity! Tessman exchanges at the boundary with Lela, left hand for the first goal, and Dragowski gets his fists to the ball.8.42 pm

  • 11′

    Leela back heel in the area for Johnson, awaiting Amiens.8.42 pm

  • 12′

    Bohjanbalu returned from the left side, and Amiens blocked his shot, lifting it over the crossbar with a scissor kick.8.43 pm

  • 14′

    Free kick from Tessmann, Dragoski holds the ball high.8.45 pm

  • 16′

    Perini on the ground, play stopped for a few moments.8.47 pm

  • 19′

    Johnsen changes the play for Perini, and Antonucci closes the ball down to Zampano in the first corner of the match.8.50 pm

  • 20′

    Perini corner, Dragowski comes out empty, Bohjanbalu fails to capitalize.8.51 pm

  • 20′

    Zampano’s warning, wait for Antonucci.8.51 pm

  • 22′

    Shotgun opportunity! Zampano hits from behind, a shot by Leela, and Johnsen hits an impactful penalty kick into the arms of Dragowski.8.54 pm

  • 23′

    Chance to spice up! Vertical green by Antonucci, flat shot without fail, lifted into the corner by Edzis.8.54 pm

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  • 24′

    Antonucci again from the edge, right-footed shot wide.8.54 pm

  • 24′

    Verdi advances in the middle, with a weak low shot from 20 metres, and Joronen has no problems.8.55 pm

  • 25′

    Johnsen misses the second half restart, and Perini is offside.8.56 pm

  • 27′

    Bandinelli from 25 metres, Joronen is not backing down, Antonucci is in an erratic position.8.58 pm

  • 28′

    Amiens tries to break into the area, but Edzis contains him, and sweeps away Perini.8.59 pm

  • 30′

    Cross from Bandinelli, wrap from Moro at the back.21:00

  • 31′

    Cross from Rika, Edzis goes wide.9.02 pm

  • 32′

    It extends by night to the Johnson area, resulting in a decisive closure by Amiens.9.03 pm

  • 34′

    Kicking off from Bosio, Johnsen shot from the right, well wide of Pohjanpalo.9.05 pm

  • 35′

    Perini tries to force Johnson into the area, and Bertola intervenes.9.05 pm

  • 37′

    In possession of the orange-green team, the Ligurians wait in their own half of the field.9.09 pm

  • 39′

    Busio for Pohjanpalo, a very profound proposal.9.10 pm

  • 40′

    Cross from Antonucci from the right side, well positioned by Altari.9.11 pm

  • 41′

    Chance to spice up! Torpedo from Bandinelli from 20 metres, Goronen gets there with his fingertips, and Amiens fires the ball home from the outside.9.12 pm

  • 43′

    Green area in the Antonucci area, closed by Altare.9.14 pm

  • 44′

    Disallowed goal Venice! Tesman throw, Dragowski performs a miracle on Zampano, Pohjanpalo repeats the goal but the orange and green number 7 was offside.9.16 pm

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  • 45′

    Two minutes added time.9.16 pm

  • 45’+1′

    Verdi talks to Esposito, weak and pivotal shot, easy prey for Goronen.9.17 pm

  • 45’+2′

    The end of the first half. Venice – Spezia 0-0, end of the first half scoreless.9.18 pm

  • The half was played at a good pace, balanced and lethal, with Johnsen missing a penalty on the move, Edzis Antonucci saving, Bandinelli warming Joronen’s hands and Pohjanpalu eventually canceling out the lead due to Zampano’s offside.9.20 pm

  • Vanoli must avoid a drop in pace and find a way to motivate Pohjanbalo with more consistency; Alvini can say he is satisfied with the performance, and needs more precision.9.25 pm

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