Summary, slow motion, score, scoreboard and live commentary

Summary, slow motion, score, scoreboard and live commentary

Juventus Women Pomigliano: summary, slow motion, result, scoreboard and match report valid for the Italian Women’s Serie A

(Sent to Pozo Stadium in Biella) – the Juventus women He returns to the field after the national break to face off Pomigliano. The Bianconeri, with several players missing due to injury, but on paper are still widespread favourites.

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Juventus Women 3-0 Pomigliano: summary and slow motion

6′ Juventus Women demand a penalty kick – Thomas’ role in the area on some apicella, from close range, he opposes with an arm that looks wide. Let the referee have his way, doubts remain

13′ Tiro Boaten – A weak conclusion from the edge that Gavelette takes easily

20′ Thomas header – Turned over on Poitin’s cross. No problem for Javelet who collects the ball

24′ Caruso free kick – He tried from 22 metres, and the ball ended up not far from Javellet’s goal. The Bianconeri’s first real chance

27′ Oxy-Bernstein – Play by Cantor, who moves away on the right flank. The ball is placed low for Bernstein who turns safely. The deflection from Pomigliano’s defense was decisive

30′ Jules Gunnarsdottir – A brilliant left-footed cross from Thomas found Gunnarsdottir with a perfect header. The Bianconeri are in the lead

33′ Bernstein forgives in the area – Initiative on the right from Thomas, Bernstein reaches the score from two steps but hits it hard

36′ Salvay header – It emerges from Poitin’s corner, but the central ball is absorbed by Gavelette

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44′ April Release – Ippolito goes wide to Caruso and puts in an overhand ball that Abril manages to reach with his fist, even if it collides with Lenzini

49′ Chance Al Singer – Double chance by Cantori at the start of the second half. He comes close to scoring with a powerful shot from inside the penalty area

61′ Palo Martinez – Juventus women are struggling a little bit now. After a corner kick, Martinez shot off the edge and found the post. Looks like April is here but what a thrill

66′ Goal by Bernstein – The Dutchman exorcises ghosts. Surgical result of the edge sliding into the corner

70′ Dopeta Bernstein – A terrifying pass from the Dutchman, who fired a cross into the net after Cantori’s kiss, but Gunnarsdottir was unable to intervene before it.

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At the end of the match

Juventus Women Pomigliano 3-0: score and scoreboard

Scarcely: 30′ Gunnarsdottir, 66′ Berensti, 70′ Berensti

Juventus women (4-2-3-1): April; Lenzini, Salvai (75′ Cafferata), Cascarino, Boaten (83′ Nelden); Caruso (83′ Bellucci), Balice; Gunnarsdottir (83′ Garbino); Singer (75′ Bonancia), Thomas, Bernstein. everyone. Montemurro. an offer. Bonancia, Peraud Magnin, Bellagente, Sembrant, Sleshkovic

Pomigliano (4-3-2-1): Gavilette, Battistini, Apicella, Caiazzo, Fossini (85′ missing); Rabot, Ferrario, Di Giammarino (85′ ting); Burgoyne (64′ Nambi), Ippolito (85′ Domi); Martinez (74′ Harvey). everyone. Caruso. an offer. James, Corrado, Novellino, Schettino

to rule: Como caldera

Juventus Pomigliano Women: Pre-match

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