Napoli loses the Italian Cup and its confrontation: the exciting Frosinone 0-4 against Maradona! | Other Italian leagues

Napoli loses the Italian Cup and its confrontation: the exciting Frosinone 0-4 against Maradona!  |  Other Italian leagues

I Naples He failed to pass the round of 16 of the Italian Cup, which was designed specifically to take the most famous teams to the quarter-finals: For the second year in a row, the Azzurri were beaten at home by a newly promoted teamlast season Cremonese and this time FrosinoneWho wins with an exciting score of 0-4 and enters the quarter-finals. It is the third year in a row that the Campania team has been eliminated immediately, three years ago it was Fiorentina who always qualified for the Neapolitans.

the match – Napoli, full of reserves, struggled a little to occupy the center of the ring, the first shot was from Chidera but Raspadori and Mario Rui were working and Serofoline He has to save Lindstrom and the national team striker. Only after half an hour Simeone He scores by taking advantage of a gift from Okolie, but in the movement there was a hand from Lindstrom that was recognized by VAR, and on the other side Ostegaard saves from Casso, and the first half ends with a free kick from Raspadori. Serofolline. Ballistic quality Mario Roy, who hit the outside post in the second half before leaving the field for Di Lorenzo, shortly after Monterrey closed down Raspadori in the final minute. Shortly after game time they enter Kvaratskhelia e OsimhenBut it is precisely the Nigerian who leaves a lot of space for him Parenchyma Who scores a header from a corner kick from the left side. Shortly before, the captain also entered Written by Lorenzowho may have committed the biggest foolishness since wearing a Napoli shirt, gives up issue 0-2 with a short back pass towards Golini. Politano comes on too, but it’s Frosinone with Gelli who comes very close to scoring a hat-trick, and a great save from Gollini makes his way out. The third goal still came from a penalty kick, which Di Lorenzo disastrously missed and converted Shedera Which sends the credits for the match and Frosinone to the quarter-finals against the winner of Juventus Salernitana. Actually no, because there is also time to play poker Harroui. The booing is deafening for Mazzarri and what remains of Napoli, the 2022/23 Italian champions.

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