“I hope Napoli goes to the World Cup instead of Juventus.”

“I hope Napoli goes to the World Cup instead of Juventus.”

Napoli Club World Cup? FIFA explained everything. I can only hope for the Azzurri to go further in the Champions League and possibly qualify“- It is accurate Evelina Christelin, a UEFA member close to Ceferin, To Goal Radio microphones Kiss Kiss Naples. The issue is related to the Napoli club’s position in the standings, which is currently outside the position required to qualify for the competition. The position currently occupied by JuventusAlthough he did not participate in this edition of the European competition. This is the position that prompted De Laurentiis to make harsh statements: “The Bianconeri should not be accepted.”

Christelin talks about the Club World Cup in Naples

FIFA had already clarified the list, and now rejected De Laurentiis' accusations as well Christyline Repeat. Calzona has only one way to go to lead the team to the Club World Cup, beat Barcelona and continue their journey in the Champions League. “For Italy, Inter qualified and Juventus and Napoli will be added. FIFA explained everything, at the moment the Bianconeri have 47 points and the Azzurri have 42 points. You know very well how teams are selected, as of the 2029 edition there will be a new classification for all of them.” He then also spoke about the possibility of the city hosting the 2032 European Championship: ““We still have eight years to go, and there is time to invest and hold the competition throughout Italy and therefore also in the south.”

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