Vehicle review, bonus up to offset increases

Vehicle review, bonus up to offset increases

Mandatory deadline for holders of the cars And Motorcyclesthe review The league is law-fulfilling, but it has a cost, and it is also subject to increases. To balance those taken in November 2021 and the previous one, the government decided this year to introduce “Review bonusLet’s see what it consists of and how to get it.

What is a car inspection?

Every vehicle circulating on the Italian territory undergoes periodic checks to verify the correct functioning of the mechanical and electronic parts. Repairing a car means monitoring its operation and efficiency, even at the level environmental; The older you get, the sharper the controls. Checks pertain to brakes, suspension, lights, clutch, gas emissions, noise level, which should not exceed legal limits, but also windshield wipers and horn, as well as any parking sensors. Subject to verification and comparison with what is stated on loan card And also the chassis number which must be legible according to the law to avoid forgery. The inspection also makes sure that the bodywork and windows are in good condition, as well as that essential accessories are present in case of failure such as a winch, warning triangle and any spare wheel.

How often is the review conducted?

The time between checks is determined by the make and age of the vehicle. For new or newly registered vehicles, the inspection is scheduled after 4 years, based on the month High School certificate. After the first four years, the review will take place every two years, always in the reference month. For example, if the vehicle was registered on May 20, 2019, then the first inspection must be done by May 31, 2023, the second by May 31, 2025, and so on. The revision follows the same timing for cars, motorcycles, motor homes, and vehicles over 3.5 tons; Alternatively different rules for public transport, trailers and taxis, subject to an annual procedure.

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How does it work and how much does it cost

The review can be done at vehicle registration Or mechanical centers licensed by the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport. Repair prices vary according to the center in which the repair is performed and on average range between 54.95 EUR for a car service and 79.02 EUR for an authorized workshop. Those who want to save money can choose the first option, but they will have to take into account longer times: in fact, they will have to book directly at the district office, show up on the day of the appointment and wait for their turn. usually in Affiliate workshops The procedure is completed in less than an hour, or at the latest in a day. However, the indicated costs do not include any repairs, replacements or spare parts necessary to make the vehicle fit to pass the inspections. Some workshops send a written notice to the vehicle owner a month before the inspection deadline, so that he can plan it in time and keep up with legal obligations.

Revising with civil mechanization

In the event that you choose Civil Motorization, you will need to fill out Model MC2100Also available online, or order a free copy directly at the counter. When booking the appointment, you must have already paid the necessary amount of 54.95 euros into the 9001 current account of the Land Transport Administration, bringing the payment receipt with you. The reservation is made by presenting the vehicle registration certificate and the owner’s identity document. The appointment will then be made, but it is desirable that it be well in advance of the appointed time, since several days can pass between the booking and the day of the review.

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What happens if the review is rejected?

If the vehicle passes MOT, the responsible person carrying out the procedure will apply a regularity sticker to the vehicle registration certificate and issue the owner with Audit certificate, to be kept on board in case of a police search. The responsible person will then forward the information on the inspection certificate to the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport and to the driver portal. In the event that, on the other hand, the review turns out to be negative, the responsible person will put the label “Repeat” on loan card. The owner will have one month to repair the damage, during which time he will still be able to rotate if vehicle conditions permit. If the car does not pass the checks again, it will be suspended from circulation. At this point it will be up to the owner to decide whether to repair it and try to re-fix it or get rid of it.

How much is it and how to get the bonus

the Review bonus The 2023 car provides for the recognition of an amount equal to 9.95 euros to cancel the increase compared to previous years and can be requested for inspections carried out by December 31, 2023. Owners of cars, motorcycles, trucks up to 35 quintals and minibuses up to 15 seats. A review bonus request can be submitted through the platform Safe car bonus Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport. Once you login to the private domain using your credentials SPIDIt will be necessary to enter personal data and the license plate of the vehicle for which the application is submitted reimbursement. If the car is registered to a company, the name and number of the company must also be indicated Purchase tax. The user must then indicate the date and place of the occurrence reviewThe name, surname and email address of the account holder and the IBAN of the checking account. After checking the data, the regularity of the application and the availability of funds, the refund amount will reach the applicant’s current account. It will be possible to check the progress of the application across the platform Safe car bonus. Contribution can be requested only once and for one vehicle only.

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What do you risk if you circulate without inspection

It is not permitted to drive with The review has expiredUnless you bring your own car review center. If you are found driving after the deadline, you risk being suspended from circulation and a fine that can range from €173 to €694. It can amount to approximately 8,000 euros, plus three months’ administrative detention, if you circular before receiving the result of the inspection.

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