María de Felipe was “shocked, judged and distraught” by the death of Maurizio Costanzo

María de Felipe was “shocked, judged and distraught” by the death of Maurizio Costanzo

Maria Devilipi She would have been shocked by her husband’s death Maurice Costanzo. This is revealed by Corriere della Sera who tells of a woman “extremely tempted, shocked, terrified”.

Maurizio Costanzo, Maria de Felipe did not expect such a denouement

What made Pavia the presenter feel dismayed was the fact that she had not expected the journalist to die, because, again, according to Coursera’s reconstruction, there were no signs that the situation could lead to death.

Constantius was in the hospital In a Romanian clinic for a small operation. His wife went to see him morning and evening after professional commitments.

However, from this small intervention serious complications would have arisen which eventually proved fatal to Mosul. Thus, the fact that these days the Queen of Pavia never stops with TV commitments will find an explanation.

Some malicious voices that have been circulating on social media in the past few hours have claimed that De Filipe, although her partner is in bad shape, has not had the sensitivity to put aside professional obligations.

It now becomes clear that the journalist’s conditions suddenly worsened and his wife did not expect such a tragic ending. It must be emphasized that Mediaset, as soon as the news of her death spread, stopped the broadcasts of all Maria de Felipe’s broadcasts.

Costanzo’s friend: “It suddenly got worse”

It was also confirmed that Costanzo’s conditions rapidly deteriorated Giorgio Asuma 88 years old, legal historian and confidant of many stars of Italian show business. The lawyer was the journalist’s closest friend.

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“For fifty years, Maurizio and I spoke every day. Until Thursday morning, from the Paedia clinic, where he was hospitalized for two weeks,” Asuma told Corriere.

“I was called by his secretary – he added – who was in the room with him to help him with his daily duties. He had recovered after the surgery, he was much better, in good shape, he was the same Costanzo as always, lucid, with a perfectly clear mind, sarcastic, full of ideas.” I had no idea it could end like this.”

“He wanted to tell me about the contract for one of his broadcast programs, which needed to be renewed. And a new movie script he had in mind,” Asuma always explained.

“I had to go see him on Friday morning, as I had done before. Then they warned me that the situation had suddenly worsened. When I arrived he was already dead.”

Solemn funeral for Maurizio Costanzo

For Maurizio Costanzo farewell will be celebrated official funerals Monday, February 27th at 3 p.m. in the Artists’ Chapel in Piazza del Popolo in Rome. These are the rites pronounced in cases of mourning that particularly affect the public conscience.

The solemn funerals were arranged by the Minister of Culture, Gennaro Sangioliano, to honor “the great journalist who traversed decades of Italian culture with wit, grace and professionalism”.

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From 25 February, the funeral room will be set up from 10:30 to 18 in the Sala della Protomoteca in Campidoglio, with entrance from the Portico del Vignola.

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Maurizio Costanzo died: from the mafia attack in Via Fauro to the love of Maria de Felipe and Rome

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