Italian Stock Exchange, suspension from the session of September 25, 2023

Italian Stock Exchange, suspension from the session of September 25, 2023

Increases prevail in banking sector stocks. But the negative performance of Telecom Italia TIM. The 10-year bond yield exceeds 4.65%.

The main Italian stock market indices and the main European financial markets It is confirmed in negative territory In the first session of the week. According to Gilles Gibaut – Head of European Equities at AXA Investment Managers – More volatility can be expected in the coming weeksThe possibility that the trend of stock markets is closely linked to macroeconomic data remains high. “The main indicators to follow are inflation rates and the pace of the global economic slowdown,” the expert warned.

2.10 pm Ftsimib It decreased by 0.89% to 28,321 points, after oscillating between a minimum of 28,273 points and a maximum of 28,676 points. At the same time FTSE Italy All Shares 0.91% also lost the minus sign to FTSE Italy Mid Cap Index (-1.16%) and… FTSE Italy Star Index (-1.73%).

the Bitcoin It fell to 26 thousand dollars (about 24,500 euros).

the Btp-bond spread It crossed 185 points, with the yield on the 10-year BTP bond remaining above 4.65%.

to’euro It was confirmed below $1,065.

Highs prevail in between Banking sector securitiesThis follows the possible adjustment of the tax on additional profits of Italian credit institutions.

the Monte dei Paschi di Siena It gained 0.87% to 2.675 euros.

Good performance for the team as well bancopbm (+1.94%) and L BBR Bank (+0.95%).

in red Telecom Italia Team (-1.79% to €0.319). The telephone company announced that it has received, as part of ongoing negotiations with KKR, a request from the Fund to extend the exclusivity period until October 15, 2023 to complete preparatory activities and submit the binding offer to Netco.

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In FTSEMib, slips are highlighted Amplifon (-6.66% to €27.2).

Among smaller-cap companies, sales continued Agathos (Pending due to excessive discounting). The Italian Stock Exchange announced that as of Monday, September 25, 2023 and until further communication regarding the company’s shares, the submission of orders without price limits (best orders) will not be allowed.

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