Bill, he’s the one who kills you at the end of the month: Just put it that way

Bill, he’s the one who kills you at the end of the month: Just put it that way
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As we have repeatedly reiterated over the past few months, expensive energy is undoubtedly one of the most current and important problems, not only within the Italian panorama, but throughout Europe in general.

There have been several problems arising particularly from the recent conflicts in Ukraine, which have led to various consequences across the European panorama. First of all, it suffices to recall the increase in the cost of raw materials (as in the case of peanut oil for example) which is inevitably reflected in general inflation at the level of the entire food sector.

To this has been added the most important consequence of all, which is the reckless increase in the cost of energy, whether in the case of natural gas or electricity. The major supplier companies (as in the case of Enel Energia, with respect to the Italian territory) found themselves practically forced to increase their relative monthly billing costs throughout Europe.

This is how fortunately the main governments of European countries, including Italy in particular, have intervened, who have been able to respond promptly and precisely to these continuous increases, with the ultimate goal of helping the population most in need. We mention in particular the Aiuti-Bis Decree and the Aiuti-Ter Decree, which, among other things, introduced incentives for the purchase of new generation household appliances (because they allow a significant reduction in consumption), together with the extra energy of 150 euros deducted directly and without problems from Consumption items on invoices.

Despite all the state and regional aid, many families still struggle to make ends meet, often risking even the poverty line. So today we decided to give you some tips, so that you can consume as little as possible and thus save on energy bills that will arrive over the next few months.

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Helpful hints

Today we will focus in particular on the electric oven, which is undoubtedly one of the most used appliances in the home economy, to cook our food in a healthy way every day, avoiding more high-calorie operations such as frying.

Consumption in this case is really high, considering that an electric oven at 180 degrees uses a good 1,500 kWh in 90 minutes, resulting in a cost of over 30 cents for roughly one hour of oven cooking.

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Electric oven – a technological passion

Our advice in this case is to cook several foods at the same time on the different shelves, in order to significantly reduce cooking times and with it electricity consumption. In addition, also remember to keep the oven door always closed, because each slot lowers the temperature significantly, with more expenditure in terms of energy, as well as the use of glass and ceramic cookware, which allow food to be cooked more evenly.

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