Vasco Rossi: Florence are coming! All the useful info about the party on June 3

Vasco Rossi: Florence are coming!  All the useful info about the party on June 3

Florence, June 1, 2022 -“Florence are coming!“. a word Russian Vasco. With a post on social media, the Blasco The Florentine people (and not only) blaze in the light super party Scheduled for Friday, June 3 at Visarno . Squarethe large area of ​​Cascine Park, in the former Visarno racetrack.

The Tour 2022 By Vasco Rossi It has already started: the opening in Trento with 120 thousand spectators, then Milan in front of 80 thousand spectators, then Imola with about 86 thousand spectators. Now it’s Florence’s turn, as more than 60,000 fans have been waiting for him for two years. and the Commandante he is ready for your appointment It is enough to announce his arrival by posting a video in which he sings live.Rainy weather on Sunday“Song from the last album”we are hereand notes “Hi, what sign are you? / That’s not good, you know / With all this confusion you have…” It would also reverberate in Visarno Arena where Ladder Almost all songs of Zocca’s latest rock bands have been scheduled as well as a series of songs that made Italian music history such as ‘There are those who say no– The track is from 1988 but still current, “Glee Sprii Supra”just awesome‘and ‘we are alone.’ but also ‘we are alone.’Sally“,”just us“Reckless and Eternal Life”clear dawnWhich as usual concludes a great evening of music.

The musical party Vasco will start at the age of 21 butopen the door scheduled for noon office box (Located in piazzale delle Cascine) 3pm and 6:30pm start of the support party. All the tickets Pre-purchased for viewing tentatively scheduled for June 10, 2020, then rescheduled to June 18, 2021, and remains valid for appointment on June 3.

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for Enter In the planned Visarno Arena Six different access methods (Ticket shows designated entrance): viale degli Olmi: red entrance, yellow entrance, silver entrance; Piazza Puccini: orange entrance; piazzale delle Cascine: blue entrance, green entrance.

the tickets Names But those who were unable to make a name change within a predetermined period of 15 days prior to the party date, can go live in the entrance Show day, with delegation From the ticket holder (printed or digital), for pickup help By assigned personnel directly to the designated entrance gate and thus have access to the exhibition.

torivare It is recommended to use public transportation in Visarno Arena, especially trams and buses. in tram The stop to get to Visarno Arena with T1 he is ‘Cassinwith the T2 he is ‘San DonatoOr you can get to the “Alamanni Stazione” stop, wait for the T1 tram line towards “Villa Costanza” and get off at the “Cascine” stop.

in busOn the other hand, the reference lines for getting to Visarno Arena are the font 17Line 30Line 35Line 55Line 56.

For those who have arrived Sentences I’m recommended Parking exchange It is located along the T2 tram line (Guidoni, Courthouse and the park below Coop-Virgin-The Space) or the Villa Costanza car park along the A1 motorway. Parking reserved for people with disabilities It is located near the box office in Piazza delle Cassine.

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