Valerio Evangelisti is dead. Unique and unrepeatable voice in a boring editorial scene

Valerio Evangelisti is dead.  Unique and unrepeatable voice in a boring editorial scene

On the part of the exploited, the most unfortunate, and on the side of history. Valerio Evangelisti is dead. He will be 70 years old soon. He was a novelist, first by passion, then by profession Unique and unrepeatable sound of the choked post sceneUnable to politically understand and promote non-traditional forms and contents. “Emilian’s Father of the Mountains and Mother of the Plain in Romania”, was Evangelisti Born in Bologna in 1952. He graduated in political science, the historical branch in 1976, and he lived.From simple appearance“The 77 Bolognese, who has always recreated it from his web portal, in his heterogeneous upbringing and socio-cultural composition, It is precisely from the creative wing of that rocky left-wing political movement that Evangelisti will tap his crystallized literary talent, pairing it with an impossible commercial proof. As an employee in the Ministry of Finance exploited The strange passion for literature is from the series Bbetween 1993 and 1994, he succeeded in giving life to what would become a series of successful novels based on a character Nicholas Emrich: A Dominican monk inquiring into the Kingdom of Aragon in the fourteenth century communicates with The science fiction dimension of interstellar travel, From the transformations in time, to spaceships and pagan cults. Nothing but order versus chaos that is frenetic, rough, rough, and optimistic. Eymerich immediately and unexpectedly sells 15 thousand copies, with reprints of up to 20 thousand. Gorgeous little posting case It was published by the largest Italian publishing house, Mondadori. Eymerich instantly turns into a thrilling saga of 13 titles (the latest from 2018) and each time readers are added and become fans, almost like missionaries, for his approach to the novel he outlined several times “Fantagotech”He was a kind of disguised secular and foreign prophet. It is no coincidence that the Polish writer was also passionate about cinema, above all horrorAnd from these crazy pictures from the 70s he draws the most outlandish and historically credible elements of the plot to make it a popular hit. So it is a “change of the world” that suddenly occurs before it mixes, as if it were a current emanation from Eymerich, with another character, Tiger (Scream Metal, Black Flag, Anthracite) A Mexican fighter of the West shoots and conducts the minister’s sacred rituals to hunt down killer cowboys and evil spirits. Hence it is being re-launched in the early 2000sWhat would the (non-American) union movement be like? Anthracite, we shall be all, one great union – where an evangelical look is laid on the birth of communism in America, which never exploded, and on the institutional backlash that is spreading abroad to eradicate it. Miserable traitors and disappointment to the people (great union It is all told from the point of view of a dirty spy in the American labor movement of the late nineteenth century) breathing alongside true immortal heroes and anti-heroes, ordinary men and women who put their bodies beyond life and death to assert their dignity as human beings. Evangelicals are a teacher in this: There is never any moral to be drawn from his stories Or a lecture about who the good guys should impose on readers. It is the inconspicuous magma of history that swells in turmoil and uproots traditions and transgressions, but above all re-establishes an ever black and ancient order of prey exploiters. Triple D future sun, an invaluable epic about some workers and peasants in Romania in the post-Risorgimento era. Kind of A tribute to their roots Which in turn shines as a further and wonderful change of the world, yet it is the anthropological root from which we descend and which unfolds here in its most real and courageous. At this point, the trivialities appearing directly within the battles of Garibaldi Risorgimento (1849 Freedom Fighters – 2019; The Years of the Knife 2021) evoke the characteristics of our entire career: on the one hand, the imaginative gamble of the ancient and unknown world, on the other The true and indisputable implications derived from relentless and profound socio-historical research So as not to let their imaginary descendants fly on an improbable and absurd basis. The historian Evangelisti is very serious, as he meticulously constructs the lives of others, the exploited, the weak, the unfortunate, and thugs, as well as the drunks, and the prostitutes as the workers; Ingenious because nobody when they make history traces the “Annales” model becomes a time-traveling spacecraft, reminding us at every step, page and line of its admirable, brutal and never-temporary brutality. A “communist” novelist will be missing a lot from today.

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