Sexy embarrassment, studio blitzkrieg live – Libero Quotidiano

Sexy embarrassment, studio blitzkrieg live – Libero Quotidiano

“Excuse me madam, we’re on the air.” An unexpected sexy lives at Rainews24 Studios. During the afternoon of the 24th we talk about the war in Ukraine, a duet between a journalist and a guest who is silently interrupted by the hidden entrance of a lady cleaner.

The woman enters with a mask, yellow rubber gloves and a dust-absorbing broom in hand. As if nothing had happened, he passes behind the two commentators who continue to argue at first. The first to notice the misattack is the guest, who, being dumbfounded, turns around and looks at the woman without saying a word. So it’s up to the journalist and broadcaster, who has the right smarts at the moment, awkward but definitely funny: “No pretty! Sorry ma’am, we’re on the air, thanks … Greetings everyone and see you later!”.

So, addressing the heart-laughing guest and viewers, let’s imagine having fun at home: “It’s happening too.” The video, posted on Twitter by the nondescript regular Lallero (aka Marco Salaris, TvBlog journalist), apparently went viral within a few minutes.

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