March 31, 2023

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Usage: Dry Colorado River, Nevada and Arizona waters – last hour

(ANSA) – WASHINGTON, Aug. 16 – The Biden administration has announced that water shortages in the Colorado River have for the first time crossed a threshold requiring unprecedented water cuts in Arizona, Nevada and the US southwest states, as well as Mexico. . Washington Post reports.

The entire region is experiencing an unprecedented drought, which is bringing America’s largest reservoirs to historic lows. More than 20 years of well below average precipitation has left Colorado – the lifeblood of the western United States – at critical levels. Despite years of warnings, states that depend on the river have failed to adequately reduce water use, and today the federal government has announced drastic cuts.

“To avoid a catastrophic collapse of the Colorado River system and an uncertain future, we need to reduce water use in the basin,” said Tania Trujillo, deputy minister of water and science at the Department of the Interior. The administration decided, for example, that Arizona would have to reduce water use by 21% and Nevada by 8%. Deputy Interior Minister Tommy Boudreaux made it clear that there is still time to reach an agreement and that the cuts will not be imposed before an agreement is reached with the countries involved. (Dealing).

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