Amazon Luna is now available to everyone in the US with many new features

Amazon Luna is now available to everyone in the US with many new features

Amazon Luna, the video game streaming service direct competitor Stadia, now Available to anyone in the US who wants it, after a long period of limited access. At the same time, Amazon implemented many new features and introduced special features for Subscribe to Amazon Prime – More precisely, a dedicated subscription that allows you to play a certain number of titles in rotation absolutely free. Luna is organized into channels: there are six of them in total, and the user can decide which channels to subscribe to and how long to subscribe. Each channel has its own subset of games. the details:

  • moon +, $5.99 per month forever if you subscribe by March 31, otherwise $9.99. It has a little bit of everything: not exactly the latest generation of AAA, indie, and more. We mention for example Control, Metro Exodus, Dirt, several Sonic, Castlevania, and Ghostrunner. In total, the catalog consists of 86 titles, constantly evolving.
  • family channel, $2.99 ​​per month forever if you subscribe by March 31, otherwise $5.99. Contains perfect games for the whole family.
  • retro channel, $4.99 per month. Lots of old classics, like Ghouls n’ Ghosts, Street Fighter III, Metal Slug, 1942 and Bionic Commando. It’s just been revealed, so the selection isn’t very broad at the moment.
  • Prime gamingExclusively free for Prime subscribers. The offer currently includes Devil May Cry 5, Observer: System Redux, and PHOGTS! and Flashback and, March 8-14, Immortals: Fenyx Rising only. This is also new.
  • Ubisoft +, $17.99 per month. The full service catalog of the French software house, with franchises like Watch Dogs, Far Cry, Tom Clancy’s var, Assassin’s Creed and many more.
  • jack box games, $4.99 per month. A channel containing exclusive party games for the whole family developed by the studio. Fresh new show.

Among the new features, Luna offers a Dedicated button to start broadcasting on Twitch; It works on Windows, macOS, or Fire TV. In the latter case, it is also possible to set the task of the webcam and microphone of your smartphone – just scan the appropriate QR code. Or, and this is another novelty, the smartphone can be configured as a console, a touch of course. It’s obviously not the ideal solution for a suitable match, but it can be useful to quickly test the game and see if it is right for you. This feature is also available on Fire TV only.

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