USA: Kennedy Candidate Sides in Defending Bitcoin

USA: Kennedy Candidate Sides in Defending Bitcoin

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The United States is taking an unusual approach to the cryptocurrency industry. The government will launch FedNowIt is a real-time payment system powered by CBDCs. Many deplore the possibility that the government will abuse its power by violating citizens’ privacy.

The question immediately became a political topicIn this sense, the work of the presidential candidate is not surprising Robert Kennedy Jr, who advocated using cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin to partially hedge against the risks of the traditional financial system. In particular, Kennedy suggests how cryptocurrency can provide escape from If the financial bubble bursts.

But not only. Kennedy outlined his concerns regarding monetary policies Federal Reserve (feed it) and its relationship with the big banks, which led to operations whose interests were mainly acquired by the so-called “Bankster”.

Bitcoins, in this sense, it can be a functional “safe haven”. An idea based on the fact that cryptocurrencies operate off scale outside the traditional financial systemand are not subject to the same risks and vulnerabilities.

Financial systemOn the contrary, it is distinguished Central controls and regulationswhich can make it vulnerable to factors such as inflation and government policies.

The United States and the Anti-Cryptocurrency Military

The US government’s interest in creating a CBD, from one perspective, raises concerns about the implications Social freedoms and privacy.

For Kennedy, for example, CBD is seen as a monitoring mechanismwith the government gaining unprecedented access to the financial transactions and personal information of individuals.

All in a functional way Crackdown on the fledgling crypto industrywhile using various government agencies to force banks to close the accounts of cryptocurrency companies.

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While Kennedy and other cryptocurrency advocates may see a potential solution to the challenges of the traditional financial system, the government’s actions indicate that there are still many challenges ahead. Regulatory and legal hurdles to overcome it.

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