Know the types and you won’t be unprepared when buying a home

Know the types and you won’t be unprepared when buying a home

How many types of touch screens? Why is it important to know them? Today we are going to find out in this article in which we are going to talk about this particular technology and now the protagonist in our daily life is the main component of things like smartphones or tablets.


We often think that there is only one type of touch screenIt’s what we usually use on the surface of our smartphones or tablets. In fact, in the market There are several types of touch screen which differ based on the presence or absence of certain technologies within them.

Touch screens, which have their origins in the mid-1960s, They are found practically everywhereFrom our smartphones to self-service kiosks at the airport. Given its many uses, it should come as no surprise that it exists Different types of touch screens. Each has its advantages and disadvantages and is suitable for performing specific tasks.

Quite simply, touch panels, also known as touch screens or touch screens, are tools that allow people to do so Using computers with a simple touchspecially, from show. In particular, through the use of internal sensors, the user’s touch is detected, and then translated into an exact command that translates into a visual function. All within a thousandth of a second!

Unusual isn’t it? We all remember the moment when the first iPhone model was introduced Steve Jobs: Here was the exact moment when he was The touch screen has become the use and consumption of everyone!

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In the next article we will go to see At least three kinds of touch screen which are used in various devices known to us.

Touch screen: 3 types and functions

1. Resistant touch screen

Touch screen: 3 types and functions

The first touch screen we want to consider is called resistance touch. Resistive touch panels are different types of classic touch and have possibilities Reveal commands by pressing lightly on the screen. This pressure sensitivity is generally limited to a single touch, with a screen size of up to 20 inches, which is good for many use cases. Thus, when used correctly, I Resistive touchpads will still work Even if the device comes into contact with water or some other liquid.

With the use of these types of touch screens, many will find that Resistive touch panels are less durable from their competitors. Also, since they are only one-touch sensitive, they won’t be able to respond to multi-screen touch. Regardless, I Resistive touch panels are located very close to usFor example, they are chosen by the owners of supermarkets to pay by credit card.

2. Infrared touch screen

Touch screen: 3 types and functions

The second type we want to highlight is touch infrared. By leading experts in these issues, it is considered a technology designed for companies of a certain level. So let’s not talk about the resistive touch we’re all less familiar with: Infrared touch consists of a very complex system, who sees infrared receivers placed on opposite sides of the screen and several transmitters as heroes. The system generates in turn grill And based on the pressure of touch, lines are created on the surface.

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Although I Infrared touch panels are durable And support for multi-touch functions, it has a potential drawback, that is, it is not designed for use by the general public. And that, if you look at it from a consumer’s point of view, is a real shame because unlike capacitive touches (which we’ll talk about shortly) and resistive touches, infrared ones They are in some ways more useful than using them.

3. Capacitive touch

Touch screen: 3 types and functions

Now let’s move on to the latest version of the touch screen that we considered. Let’s talk about the so-called capacitive touch panels, which is based on a series of sensors capable of measuring some values ​​of the external environment (temperature, humidity, pressure, etc.). In short, unlike other touches, capacitive touches It allows us to complete very special operations.

Thanks to the electric touch sensor, I capacitive touch panels They are known for their high accuracy and fast response times. In addition to, It has multi-touch functions They can be used inside small and compact devices, but they are definitely expensive. Due to their high level technology, we understand that not many people are currently using these touches.

Capacitive touch screens are more responsive than resistive touch screens (which reacts to almost any touch being “simple”), but at the same time is less resistant. However, the projective ability of capacitive touches improves the accuracy of the device during its composition triangular grid about the point of contact.

Gallery of ideas and pictures for touch screens

Well, we have come to the conclusion of our brief discussion. Whether you are a touch screen expert or not, it is undeniable how much this is now considered an integral part of our lives. From smartphones to tablets, passing by the gas station: it is usual to find a touch screen to use wherever you go.

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To graphically describe this speech, we have selected for you some images starring this unusual technological invention.

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