December 5, 2022

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USA weather – Hurricane Ian worries Cuba and Florida, wind speed is expected to exceed 200 km / h «3B Meteo

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Hurricane Ian

In the last month the Atlantic managed to produce several hurricane systems, which it failed to do in the previous months, those in July and August. the last one, Fionahaving soared off the east coast of the United States, impacted Nova Scotia, literally bringing much of the region to its knees and recording Lowest blood pressure 932 hPa in Canadian history. But that’s not all, the presence of a new threat from the Caribbean frightens the United States.

Ian was born! This is the name of Ian, the new tropical storm that has formed in the last hours on the Caribbean Sea while the alarm is growing between Cuba and Florida in particular. The system is expected to evolve to Category 1 today, Category 2 by tomorrow Tuesday 27, and Category 4 by Wednesday 28, with winds of over 200 km/h. This is according to forecast modeling and analysis by the NHC (National Hurricane Center).

Hurricane Ian - Credit NHC / NOAA
Hurricane Ian – Credit NHC / NOAA

as you see Ian’s path is certainly disturbing. If the planned path is confirmed, the first hurricane in 2022 will be able to wreak havoc on much of north-central America, primarily Cuba and Florida. Maybe someone can go unnoticed, but in the picture Obviously from Ian’s perspective is the Cuban capital, Havana, which we remember having just over two million inhabitants. More updates soon.

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