A woman killed him with a pistol. no complaint to her

A woman killed him with a pistol.  no complaint to her

She killed him with her pistol, but to her, it doesn’t matter. Another shooting with a dead man in the US: This time a woman shot the assailant who, from his car, started shooting with a semi-automatic rifle at people present at a party in the street. This is the photo released by the Charleston, West Virginia police. No massacre But controversy over the use of firearms and the possibility of self-defense is growing after the massacre at Robb Elementary School in Ovaldi, Texas, last Tuesday.

Reconstructing the facts

The woman regularly owned the gun and was among 30-40 attendees at a birthday party in front of an apartment building on Wednesday. The dead man was named Dennis Butler, he was 37 years old and had a criminal record. In theory, he couldn’t have a firearm. He was invited to leave and not to park his car at the place where the concert was held. According to local police, Butler returned shortly thereafter armed with an Ar-15 semi-automatic rifle—often used in massacres in America—and began shooting from the car into the crowd, which included many children. The unidentified woman with no security forces experience or special training, instead of looking for cover, drew her weapon and shot the man, killing him.

Greg Abbott, the governor who turned Texas to the far west. “Buy more guns,” he tweeted.

Release the woman without complaint

“Instead of fleeing or hiding, he faced the threat and saved many lives,” police spokesman Tony Hazlitt said. A woman is nothing but a member of the community who legally carries her gun.” The woman remained at the scene, and once the police made sure that the weapon was in her legal possession, she was released without complaint.

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