USA Softball Champion Erica Biancastelli celebrated: ‘I’m with the New York Yankees jersey’

USA Softball Champion Erica Biancastelli celebrated: ‘I’m with the New York Yankees jersey’

Erica Biancastelli is one of the softball queens in the world, so much so that she was invited to wear the legendary New York Yankees jersey at the global event called Home Run Derby X organized by Mlb. Mvp for the first stage in London and also champion on Saturday in Seoul, the young athlete from Modena, 26, is experiencing an unstoppable rise between the role of captain of Italy and trials as a professional in the US (where she also attended college) and in Japan.

How do you live as a citizen of the world?
I think I took at least one key feature from each place. From Italy, I have the determination to give everything I have on every occasion and it is always an honor, From the United States I have the mental strength and therefore the ability to push myself beyond limits and not give up. Japan taught me patience and focus on the present without rushing to look to the future.

What would she have thought if ten years ago she had been told that she would go all this way?
I wouldn’t believe it. I’ve always fantasized about playing softball but never at that level. College in the United States, the Italian national team like my mom, the Olympics and then go professional in both America and Japan. The more you play, the more you dream and it’s all right now.

Aren’t you tired of traveling around the world?
I love to travel and I would like to discover the whole world. The flights and time zone can be tiring, but then I think about the great places to visit and the different cultures to discover. It’s not easy for me to have these opportunities, so I don’t take anything for granted.”

We’re talking about the US Athletes Unlimited, especially because it eventually draws a singles ranking.
It actually really teaches you the value of the group. You understand that to reach the end result you have to win every possible turn and you can only do that by playing as a team. A very competitive league that always pushes you to the limits but you also live in a good climate, I’m in my third year of involvement and I’m falling in love with it more and more.

In Japan, on the other hand, in the beginning.
This tournament is one of the most competitive in the world and I am very honored to be one of the first Italians to play here. I want to reach the final for the title and then also confirm for next season.”

What does a yankees shirt mean?
It’s still half a dream to me. I often take the phone and look at pictures to see if it really happened or if I just dreamed about it. When I wear this shirt with my name on it, I shiver.

What are your plans for the future?
Certainly there is also the Italy shirt given that the World Cup will take place next year. Many are already asking me how long I’m going to keep playing: it’s going to be my body to tell me it’s time to stop.

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