June 3, 2023

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Hockey Como or USA? Here are the three Americans

Company announces the hiring of Nick De Nicola, Chase Harwell and Jacob Bernad: An already known face of Cassati in the trio that could make a difference

Not one but three aliens. The hockey market in Como has created a sensation. Club president Massimo Tachi simultaneously announced the appointment of three foreign players: one of them, Nick Dicola, is a familiar face at Casate, having donned the biancobl jersey last season. For the first time, American Chase Harwell and Czech Jacob Bernad will reach the shore of the lake.

Foreigners have always been able to make a difference in the Italian Hockey League: that’s why their signing is news. Cuomo begins with certainty: that of Nick Dinicola. Last season he was one of the strengths of the biancobl team. Born in 1994, despite being drafted into the United States, he chose to return to Como to delight fans with his incredible speed and playful imagination. In his career, he’s been an All American, graduated from Fichburg State University where he played in the NCAA and then the SPHL to get to Como this past January. Chase Harwell comes from Carolina Hurricane’s Northfolk Admiral Farm, after a great season in the ECHL (Multimedia Third League). Born in 1997 in Connecticut, he played with impressive stats at Concordia University in Canada at U-Esport (ultimate college level) and before that in college at the NCAA.

Foreigners have always been able to make a difference in the Italian Hockey League: that’s why their signing is news

A fast, bodied player with a great sense of purpose is a great candidate in this category. Born in 1991, Jacob Bernad was second in the world in 2022 and is a position with excellent tactical skills. It arrives in Como thanks to a collaboration with the Quanta Inline Hockey team in Milan. He has long experience in the Czech Republic and France both on the ice and in Inline, and will play in Como and with Quanta (Italian League and Champions League), as well as participate in the World Championship in Argentina at the end of the year. The alien trio will arrive by the lake in early September, to prepare. In each game, two will be able to play.

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