Benefit: Find the frog in the lettuce pack, and now it’s her pet

An American actor finds a small frog in his spinach bag and turns it into a beautiful social Christmas story.

This is a beautiful Christmas story, you will agree: a man found a baby Rana In its packaging Lettuce Bought at a supermarket, and eventually – after an initial moment of hatred – the pet became her best friend.

Tony: This is the name given to his new indoor waterfall by singer, actor and writer Simon Curtis from Tulsa, Oklahoma. His story, which was published on social media, spread rapidly in the United States. Simon’s followers have become a party to the affair, advising him via Twitter on how to take care of his newly adopted pet.

Lettuce frog

Lettuce frog

Simon bought his package of romaine lettuce shortly before Christmas and found this little animal inside: others would have screamed and returned to the supermarket, threatening legal action if they did not repay the damage adequately. Instead, he became emotional and took the fate of the animal to heart.

“Honestly, I’m so glad I found the ingredients in the food I’m eating,” said Simon Curtis, who proved he can see the best side of things. “I take this as a sign that the brand does not use toxic pesticides and that it actually sells real vegetables.”

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