Libya: Armed men surround the Prime Minister’s office in Tripoli –

The operation will be born after the replacement of the army chief who is close to the leaders of powerful militias in Tripoli. Local sources deny that this is a coup

Cut the tension on the Libyan political scene with a knife torn by the controversy surrounding the resistance of the party The next presidential election. In the past few hours, men from some armed militias Surrounding the office of Prime Minister Abdel Hamid Dabaiba in Tripoli. On the other hand, Al Arabiya TV reported that Chairman of the Presidency Council, Mohammed Al-Manfi. He urgently requested the intervention of a military force to protect his private home.

local sources They deny a coup. It seems that precipitating the situation was the choice of President Menvi Di Replacing the current commander-in-chief of the army, Abdul Basit Marwan, which was considered very centrist in the period of the war against the forces of Cyrenaica strongman, Khalifa Haftar. In his place he will be nominated Abdel Qader Mansour, a more impartial general.

So it looks like they’re breathing on fire The forces closest to the Islamic Front. But all this is happening against the backdrop of the now inevitable postponement of the presidential elections, which were organized thanks to UN supportOn the twenty-fourth of December next. Times are very tight. There are days to organize polling stations and the election campaignRepeated observers in Tripoli. Cruel controversies related, among other things, to Dabaiba’s candidacy himself and above all Saif al-Islam, the 49-year-old son of Muammar Gaddafi, the most political, Its popularity is growing strongly even among those same forces that in 2011 joined the uprisings against the regime.

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To throw water on the fire that has arrived in the last days Stephanie Williams, American Diplomacy Recently appointed Personal Representative of the United Nations Secretary-General for Libya, Antonio Guterres. It was two years ago Mediating a ceasefire between Tripoli and CyrenaicaAs well as calling for elections. His efforts will now be aimed at organizing a new, more credible date for the vote.

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