This is how the Spanish government’s app will prevent minors from accessing pornography

This is how the Spanish government’s app will prevent minors from accessing pornography

The Spanish government has presentedMobile App with what Reach the limit From minors A Pornographic content Or for adults, a tool called Digital Wallet Beta that will be downloaded voluntarily and will be available, as expected, at the end of the summer. Specifically, it will be the platforms and web pages that will have to verify that the users who access them are over eighteen years old. And they will do so through this application, which will know the user’s age thanks to the electronic identity card or other administrative sources consulted by the government, which is responsible for issuing the credentials that certify users as adults. But how exactly does it work?

How to get credentials?

The initiative must be taken by the user, who will be responsible for downloading the application voluntarily. Once installed on your mobile phone, you will have to request the credentials that certify your age of majority. These credentials will be issued by the government, which, through the General Secretariat of Digital Administration, will review the personal data. When the user tries to access a platform or web page containing adult content, he will be asked to prove that he is of legal age. To do this, the screen will display a QR code that the interested party will have to scan using the camera of his mobile phone. If you have the credentials that prove that you are an adult, you will be able to access the content, which would otherwise be blocked.

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Application Security

To comply with data protection law, the credentials will only contain a badge identifying the user as a minor or an adult, without sharing other concepts such as name or identity document. Likewise, for security reasons, the credentials will have a limited number and an expiration date. They will be issued in sets of thirty, expiring every thirty days to avoid tracking the person using this identification, and to avoid cross-talk between different applications. If a user runs out of thirty credentials before the end of the month in which they were issued – and each can be used a maximum of three times on each platform – they can request more in the application.

What pages will you check age?

Currently, only adult content exchange platforms based in Spain will be required to carry out age verification. In other words, the rest of the platforms are not obliged, for the moment, to include this system, although the Minister of Digital Transformation and Public Service, Jose Luis EscriváHe called on them to voluntarily adopt the Spanish solution.

Thus, if messaging apps like WhatsApp or Telegram decide to do this, when they detect the exchange of pornographic content, they can, if they wish, present a QR code to users to recognize that they are adults.

Pioneering initiative

This initiative is pioneering in Europe and begins to take steps towards what the European Union has proposed, which states that digital platforms will be obliged to verify the age of the majority of their users when accessing adult content, in fact, in October 2027.

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This verification can be carried out in different ways, the ministry pointed out to EFE, highlighting that the system proposed by the Spanish government is a solution based on European standards to facilitate companies’ compliance with their obligations. “The platforms are obliged to verify age and there are different forms. The government will have the one we announced today, but it is another one,” they stressed. However, until the deadline set by the European Union arrives, the executive can only hope for the goodwill and willingness of the platforms: “We ask them to go forward with us because what is at stake we believe justifies it,” Escrivá stressed.

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