Guardian, ISIS members point out US and EU – Middle Eastern countries with fake passports

(ANSA) – Rome, January 31 – False passports and visas permitting entry into EU countries, US, Canada and the United Kingdom: a fast-growing online crime that allows many ISIS affiliates to leave Syria and go abroad. This has been revealed by an investigation by the British newspaper The Guardian, which underscores that the kidnapping represents a threat to the security of the countries where these militants manage to enter.

The newspaper talks about one of these secret networks run by an Uzbek man linked to Islamic extremism, who for almost $ 15,000 offers a passport from Turkey, where he lives, almost indistinguishable from the real thing. In at least ten cases known to the Guardian, those who entered Turkey illegally from Syria used false documents to take flights to Istanbul airport.

Fake passport sellers say the EU is the most popular destination, but in both cases, holders of fake Russian documents have traveled from Istanbul to Mexico and from there to the United States. The militants also intend to enter Niger, Mauritania, Ukraine and Afghanistan. Uzbek business is booming and it recently opened a channel in Telegram called ‘Istanbul Global Consulting’. The man responded in a chat to a Guardian reporter posing as a customer: “I do not ask people what group they belong to. I work with everyone.

It is not my job to understand who is harmful and who is not.

That should be done by the security services “(ANSA).

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