USA, Department of Justice publishes documents about the search for Trump’s villa in Mar-a-Lago

USA, Department of Justice publishes documents about the search for Trump’s villa in Mar-a-Lago

The Ministry of Justice announced the “section” statement regarding Search From Mar Ago in Floridawhich you can refer to in this Link. This sworn statement is written and confirmed by an oath formally pronounced before a judge or public official, which has the value of proof in court. The document is in a draft version, which means that confidential or sensitive information has been hidden, but disclosed in it Reasons for the inspection that took place on August 8 in headquarters Donald Trump. According to the former president Usesthe spread of the affidavit with omissis represents nothing more than a “complete public relations stunt by the Department of Justice andFBI“.

Spread . ordered by a federal judge Bruce Reinhartwith the aim of demonstrating that the research was carried out in the context of Investigation into mismanagement of confidential information, regarding the theft of government documents and obstruction of justice. A few days ago, the former US president filed a lawsuit against the US government because of what he called the operation.Illegal and unconstitutionalWhich, according to his lawyer, was dictated by “politics”.

Document content

The document begins with an explanation that “the government is conducting a criminal investigation into the improper removal and storage of confidential information in unauthorized locations, as well as the unlawful concealment or removal of government documents.” From the affidavit (with omissis) we learn that too 14 out of 15 chests contain secret cards (to total 184 documents) and 25 documents that were top secret. there CNNCiting an affidavit, he adds that he could be there in the building that was searched Evidence of obstruction of justice.

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