Venezuela: Maduro condemns US-Latin American intervention in elections

(ANSA) – Caracas, November 17 – Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro has condemned the US State Department for “conspiring” against local elections on Sunday, November 17. After advising all candidates to “participate fairly and respect the decisions announced by the National Electoral Council (CNE),” the news website Aporrea reported, “Maduro said yesterday,” a foreign ministry official has already intervened in the free and against statements. Sovereign elections in Venezuela “.

Referring to the statements of the Deputy Secretary of State for the United States, President Kevin O’Reilly stressed that “interference in our internal affairs is regrettable and shameful.” Ready. “

Speaking at a virtual conference of the Atlantic Council, O’Reilly argued that Sunday’s election date in Venezuela did not meet the conditions for holding a “fair and free” referendum. After promising that “the United States will support efforts to restore democracy in Venezuela,” the U.S. government official said, “the regime has disrupted the electoral rolls, preventing some opposition candidates from running in the election for no reason or justification, creating problems for the public office and others.” (Handle).

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