It’s the same as the Fiat Panda (video)

It’s the same as the Fiat Panda (video)

Unbelievable what happened in the world of cars. Toyota introduced the Cinta, which is very similar to the Fiat Panda.

Toyota recently introduced a new model, the Sienta. It’s a minivan, a type of car that still had record sales in Japan, while in Europe it suffered a significant decline. It’s small and compact, and has a very large cabin, with three rows of seating available to accommodate large families or even large groups of friends.

Toyota (ANSA)

This is the third generation of the Cinta and it is the car that is practically sold only in Japan, Which gives customers the opportunity to buy it Even with a hybrid version, unlike the previous series. The length is 4 meters and 30 cm, width is 169 cm and height is 167.

The skeleton is similar to that of the Yaris, given the TNGA-B . platformbut it must be said that this variant of the Sienta is completely different from the previous version, which from an external point of view does not seem to share anything. The new Cinta is actually more squaredAt the front, it was equipped with LED headlights and 15-inch alloy wheels, which are a feature of this car.

In fact, upon closer inspection, it contrasts completely with the size of the car, looking quite small and so do the wheels in general.. there ToyotaHowever, he was not surprised by the fact that he presented a completely different version of the Cinta from its predecessor, but from the striking similarity with a well-known car in Italy.

Toyota, the new Cinta is the same panda

You do not need to be too careful as an observer to understand that the third generation Toyota Sienta really looks like a pictured version of the Fiat Pandaespecially the series introduced in 2012 and which to this day remains one of the best-selling cars in Italy.

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Significant similarities can be found both in the general shapes, such as the square and round body, but also in the more difficult-to-find details, such as the vertically placed rear LED headlights. This is a really obvious similarity, which has attracted criticism on social media from fans.

Some of the comments were too harshwhere someone talked about a really really bad car that has a design that has been practically copied Fiat. The biggest differences can be found in the cockpit, because the Cinta is a minibus and can therefore count on more space.

Coming back to the Cinta, let’s deal with the issue of engines. There will be both thermal versions with a 1.5-liter petrol engine, but also a hybrid with the help of one or two electric motors, powered by lithium-ion batteries. This variant is certainly very convenient in the city, where the car can also move in fully electric mode.

Thus, the Toyota He did not receive the sympathy of his fans Fiat And panda enthusiasts, who see this model as difficult to imitate. Like it or not, the Panda has made automotive history in Italy and, as mentioned, is still one of the best-selling cars in our country, due to its cost-effectiveness and ease of taking on the road.

It would now be curious to see if the Japanese house and the Turin house would ever reach legal disputes, even if it seems very difficult to think of something like that. It is clear that the two cars were built on completely different platforms and they have nothing in common from the point of view of construction method.

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This will still be a lot of discussion in the coming days, but for now enjoy the new Sienta photos and judge for yourself. Sure, you’ll notice some obvious similarities to say the least, which will make you suspicious. Here are the first images of the model produced in Japan.

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