The son who killed his mother in Ripoll three years ago has been sentenced to almost 19 years in prison

The Girona court convicted A 18 years and 11 months in prison The son who killed his mother in Ripoll in October 2021.

The ruling includes the verdict of the popular jury that declared the accused Guilty of murder With the aggravating factor of kinship And illegal possession of weapons. The son was 19 years old at the time of the accident.

According to the jury, the young man treacherously assaulted the mother, without her being able to defend herself, but it took into account, as a mitigating factor, that at the time of committing the crime, “his intellectual and volitional capabilities had diminished” due to the combination of the psychological illnesses he suffers from and his habit of consuming alcohol and drugs. .

After attacking the mother, who tried to flee but was unable to leave the apartment, and while she was still badly injured, the son woke up a friend of his, who remained asleep in the apartment, and told him that he had been stabbed. His mother leaves if he doesn’t want to be next. He then fled and waited until the Mossos family arrested him the next day.

General plan of the refusal sit-in in Ripoll with attendees and authorities in the background on November 1, 2021. (Horizontal)
A moment of silence to condemn the murder in Ripoll, November 1, 2021 (ACN/Lourdes Casademont)

In addition to the prison sentence, the judge also imposes it Five years of supervised release When he serves his sentence, he is prohibited from approaching within 500 meters of his relatives for 6 years, in addition to 75,000 euros in compensation To their relatives.

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