Latest news of Ukraine. Moscow targets Kiev and “9 drones were shot down at night”

Latest news of Ukraine.  Moscow targets Kiev and “9 drones were shot down at night”

Berlin towards NATO exercises with the United States and Warsaw in Poland

Washington and Berlin Warsaw Yesterday evening, German Defense Minister Boris Pistorius said that there is an assessment of the possibility of conducting joint military exercises in Poland within the framework of NATO in response to the Russian threat on the eastern front. Speaking on public channel ARD, the minister explained that “there are some reflections” on this matter, explaining that he does not want to confirm or provide details “at the moment.”

Pistorius said that the premise of these joint military exercises in a country neighboring Ukraine, if they take place, would be to send a “very clear” signal within NATO “as well as to Vladimir Putin.” And the defense secretary claimed that NATO is “far from as weak as we’ve thought for some time, it’s much stronger and more united than last year” ahead of the start of Russia’s attack on Ukraine in February 2022.

Moreover, the goal would be to reassure NATO’s “Eastern Front,” Pistorius added. “For Eastern European countries such as Poland, the Baltic states, Slovakia, and others, it is important to see that Germany, as the most important European member of the alliance, and the United States, as a transatlantic partner, honor their advocacy commitments within the organization.”

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