March 25, 2023

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UniBs: Scholarship to the USA named after David Geary, the researcher who was murdered in New York

Scholarship in remembrance David Gearythe Italian researcher who disappeared in New York a year ago under still mysterious circumstances and whose body was found, mortally wounded by multiple stab wounds, near the Columbia campus.

It is the program promoted by the students of Azione Universitaria Brescia and supported by the University of Brescia, whose Academic Senate approved the proposal: in this wayUniversity of Brescia Young graduates of the University of Brescia will be allowed to complete their studies with a period of their own in the United States.

The initiative has been well received by the national leaders of the Universidad Azione, a partnership that has been in recent months Request all universities in Italy to create a scholarship It is named after Jerry, a PhD student at the prestigious Columbia University, which allows young Italian graduates who want to enrich their curriculum with experiences in America to be able to do so.

Mystery and confusion still swirl around Jerry’s case, and clarity must be demanded. – says Nicola d’Ambrosio, Rector of the University of Azione. – The character of Davide, the boy who pursued the dream of coaching in the best possible way and returning to Italy to become a distinction for our country that deserves justice but above all deserves not to end in oblivion. We hope that the scholarship offered by UniBs will be only the first in a long series of initiatives put in place by all of Italy’s universities to remember David’s personality in the way David most valued it: giving the opportunity to train many young Italians.”