US, Preliminary Shows for Final Episode 10 April 2022

US, Preliminary Shows for Final Episode 10 April 2022

Sunday 10 Aprilearly in the evening Rai 1The sixth and final date with imagination we. there progress And the plot of the sixth episode, divided into two episodes entitled Naples And the the moon.

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Mimmo is getting worse and you won’t live much longer. At that point, Daniel decided to let him see Naples for the last time, with the places, people and sensations so dear to man.

Cate and Teo, while still wishing to get married, decided to take a slower time with the preparations: they both needed to relax.

We will repeat the first meeting between Pietro and Rebecca, until we come – after many years – to the deep crisis that afflicts them.

The cast of the last episode: Lino Gu Giordana Faggiano, Massimo Wertmuller, Francesco Mandolini, Gianmaria Brambillasca, Anna de Luca, Giulia Barbuto C da Cruz, Jerome Feliciani, Malech Cisse.

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