Alien research, science now has a new strategy for talking to aliens

Alien research, science now has a new strategy for talking to aliens

Science has never stopped searching for aliens, let alone it will now. In fact, they have already had the opportunity to start creating a new connection starting exactly from some rules already established over time, and it is no coincidence that a clever way has always been found to try to communicate with other forms of life. But will we be able to find a meeting point between us and the aliens?

Scientists have always tried to do this with special tools, just like the one in this photo –

In addition to study astronomyobviously there is potential to expand private search also with Any aliens. Over the years they came out Lots of interesting information In this regard, but it is not always disclosed to be honest. However, the fact that it exists is absolutely true according to to know: We can’t be alone in all of this galaxies.

And it’s for that Stimulate That the message to be transmitted with ready Updated information From 1974. It took many years before this happened, but now we have it all serve about to improve there Telecommunications We just have to redesign it as we please. However, we are all there we ask Same thing: they have changed from past?

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Alien research, science now has a new strategy for talking to aliens
Science has been trying to communicate with aliens for decades –

The new message This was created by an international research group move it From Jonathan Jiangfrom NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory, and the related study has been published in arXiv . platform. So it was all published: they didn’t hide anything to show a file the whole world The Achieved results, so it is essential that you reach your destination. Or at least that’s what it is Hope that happens.

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However, the Study authors They have already determined the two telescopes that they will combine the legacy towards that Areciboas well as the same message that sent the first message is now destroyed: Allen Telescope Array at Californiamainly born out of a collaboration between If you arefor whom I do not know is a scientific organization dedicated to the search for extraterrestrial intelligence, Berkeley University and the spherical radio telescope with aperture of five hundred meters In China, managed by the core From the Chinese Academy of Sciences.

The message contains a file Information necessary to explain to us number system and some Basic Mathematical Conceptsto move on to the discussion then about the idea of ​​time. Other contents related to the date that Telecommunications Posted by Earthfor him structureThe DNA chemistry Based on life As we all know it. In the Pages the endingsmoreover, we also find two stylized drawings of a leg it’s a womanEarth’s surface map, US diagram Solar System and its coordinates, and finally also radio frequencies to use in the answer. We must hope so Some advanced life form Able to respond to us in a peaceful manner, even if you think it will happen Later.

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