“The disappointment of Bebo Bodo and the surprise of Maria de Felipe. I haven’t seen my daughter for three years.”

“The disappointment of Bebo Bodo and the surprise of Maria de Felipe.  I haven’t seen my daughter for three years.”

On Tuesday evening Le Iene is back with Belén Rodriguez – same beach, same sea: Italia 1, 9.20pm – but fronted by Teo Mammucari, 58 on August 12, a 14-year-old daughter named Julia (she was by ex Vilena from Striscia Thai News Souza Wiggers, Brazilian, 37), has many other projects. For example, a movie.

Try again? In 2001, he starred in Giovanni Veronesi’s The Witches to the North and it was a failure.
«Yes, and I expected that too. After reading the script, I immediately told Giovanni that a documentary about the riders was going to get more viewers. It was a sad story. I couldn’t refuse though. There were as a director and actors such as Gerard Depardieu, Paul Sorvino, Emmanuel Sener … ».

And now?
“Now I have written, directed and starred in everything myself. Basically, I made a 30-minute short film: It’s never wrong. The result is comic but it sheds a few tears.”

Thirty minutes?
“Yes. The idea is to show it to a few producers and then develop a real feature film.”

Did he show it to anyone?
“Not yet. I signed again with Le Iene and Tu Sì Que Vales: until June I can’t do anything else. However I thought of showing it on Mediaset and Netflix. For the time being, I’ll just leave it in the drawer.”

what’s the story
A man wakes up in the morning and falls in love with a woman 30 years younger.

Basically, him.
Yes, a little romantic. She is Brazilian and after a week he finds himself living in a world completely different from his own. Surprised, he discovers his feelings, experiences beautiful but also difficult moments, and then a daughter is born. That’s why I named it. It’s never wrong.”

And in the words of Massimo Troisi, it finally seemed like love but it was buggy, right?
“Exactly. Except that Troisi’s movie was an ordinary story, I’m silly. We broke up after a while and everything got tangled up.”

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Are you deformed?
“No. But there was a misunderstanding and it was difficult. Very difficult. For three years, when she was little, Julia lived in Brazil and I didn’t see her. Then everything worked out and now it’s fine: she’s in Milan and she’s the center of my life. He has a sunny personality And quiet ».

Is it true that he has a new girlfriend?
“Yes. She is an ordinary Field Marshal, cavalier. I met her on the street, then we met again a month later in Bologna and it all started there. We have been together for a year. She is thirty.”

Until now?
“I didn’t want to be so young, I was flirting with one my own age, also a well-known actress.”

and who is he?
It is not said that she is married. I was just looking for a sexual story, and then the Marshal arrived…”.

How much did fame pay?
People see each other in times of success, not in need. And he was right. At some point the people around you disappear and when they see you again they say: “I didn’t call you because I didn’t I wish to disturb you.’ But what kind of friend are you if you think of disturbing me?’

And what about relatives?
“Never mind. It goes without saying that we have to help everyone. You must always give and be available. It becomes an automatic teller machine. And then there are social networks, where everyone can say any nonsense: Mamukari is mean, he is sarcastic, he speaks foul, he spits cocaine … Once in a bar a stranger took me by the arm and threatened me because he had read who-knows-what. I made him run away. I am not Cristiano Malgioglio”.

What is required to get here?
“A lot of work. Success is having a job I love, which I also managed to do when I was doing four evenings a month in a nightclub. For me after all the rule of aiming for a rebound is sacred.”

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what does it mean?
“You always have to find yourself under the door. Once, after being invited to a dear friend’s wedding, I woke up with a high fever and told him, ‘Sorry, but I’ll go to the party and then go back to bed.’” In church, we couldn’t breathe because of the heat, and during The ceremony told the priest – otherwise I would have fainted – and Maria de Felipe, whom I did not know and whose existence I did not know, turned to me and said to me: “What a fool you are”, and he laughed. Then I came home and after twenty minutes she called me and offered to do Tu Sì Que Vales. In my opinion, he would never have taken me if he had not seen me that way and had not seen that I was a normal guy who was always joking.”

Did he get it right?
“I don’t know. I’m sure I miss a show of my own. Something like Libero where you can be a showman.”

Why doesn’t he have it?
Now only selected formats are made. There are no more risks.”

It is true that Bodo promised her in 2002 the “Dopofestival” for Sanremo and then the opinion journalist Francesco did it


Bodo, who is a legend to me, called me to tell me I would do it. He said, “Let’s shake hands, and don’t tell anyone.” I went on holiday to Mauritius and when I came back there was no way I could talk to him. gold. Giorgino and Bodo then announced, to those who asked him about me in interviews, he said: “It was Mamucari who proposed.” I was so bad at it. It helped me understand that in this world there is a lot of talk.”

And what is she doing?
“I come from the street. Some things I don’t do. I grew up in boarding school. We were four kids, she broke up with me, and there wasn’t enough money.”

What saves from that experience?
“Everyone. I’ve hit rock bottom and been through hard times, but I know that all this suffering has helped me accept the good and the bad in life. The first 35 years I had the worst part and then the best. But don’t ask me for details because it’s old stuff and I don’t feel like going back to it.” “.

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The most embarrassing thing your daughter has said to you?
“Dad, I know you have to go through all this with Mom because of me… If I hadn’t been there you wouldn’t have had such problems.”

“What do you say, Julia? The opposite is true. You have been my salvation. Thank you, I am a father, and if it were not for you, I would not have had such growth as a man.”

nonsense life?
Numerous. But now the former director of Rai1 Fabrizio Del Nos comes to mind. In 2008 with Raffaella Carrà and Sergio Japino we presented him with a project of mine identical to Lol. He receives us and loves her and says to Raffa: Bring me this mamukari. And she: ‘The director is.’ Del Nos then leaves his office and disappears. It’s over there.”

To whom do you owe gratitude?
To him who thanked me for what I do, and to my enemies. For example, I remember my father, my uncle, and my older brother saying to me, “Where do you think you’re going? You’re an earthling, do you know that one song in a thousand can make it?”. Well, those bad things gave me strength.”

Are you still in contact with them?
“It’s not important. With fame, I said it before, it’s no longer with personality, it’s all due.”

where does he live
«For two years in Phrygne, by the sea. I want to enjoy life and be with my daughter and my friends and girlfriends. I want to laugh”.

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