March 29, 2023

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US nuclear-controlled aircraft have increased invasion flights

ROME, March 2 (Askanews) — The US military’s nuclear command and control aircraft have increased the number of daily flights since the Russian invasion of Ukraine, a US official told CNN, a sign that the US strategic force has somehow responded to the Russian invasion of Ukraine. The Boeing E-6 Mercury fleet has flown frequently since the invasion, something that had not been previously reported. The US nuclear weapons chief says the position of the US strategic force has not changed, but the increase in flights represents a change in the past week, even before Russian President Vladimir Putin announced that he would put his own strategic force, including nuclear weapons, on high alert: Happened The increased frequency of flights in particular even before Putin made the move, which the Pentagon called “unnecessary.” The more frequent flights began the day before the Russian invasion of Ukraine, with US officials warning that the attack could begin within hours. “I am satisfied with the position of my forces,” the admiral said on Tuesday. Charles Richard, commander of the United States Strategic Command, at a House Armed Services Committee hearing. “I made no recommendations for any changes,” he continued, saying that nuclear command and control was “the most defensive and most resilient” ever. The United States keeps some of its ballistic missiles on high alert, ready to launch within minutes if the president’s order is received. The United States also maintains a launch under attack option to launch an ICBM in the event of a confirmed attack. Richard informed lawmakers that he was based in Omaha, Nebraska, where Strategic Command is located.

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