Ukraine – Russia, today’s news from the war: a city in its final stages, a new round of talks on a ceasefire

Ukraine – Russia, today’s news from the war: a city in its final stages, a new round of talks on a ceasefire

Russian forces intensify the attack About Ukrainian cities. In the evening, the mayor of Kherson announced that the city had fallen into the hands of the Moscow army. Mariupol is about to suffer the same fate. Kharkiv was hit by bombing. Kyiv is still being targeted by missiles. According to the Ukrainian authorities, more than two thousand civilians were killed in a week of war. The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees has announced that there are already one million displaced people. Water and food are scarce. But the armed forces and the population resistance continues. Moscow admits it has lost 500 men. The delegations of the two countries are expected to meet again this morning to discuss a possible ceasefire. But developments on the ground do not leave much room for optimism. A new tough stance against Vladimir Putin’s war by the international community came fromUnited Nations General Assembly. The International Criminal Court has opened an investigation into alleged war crimes committed by the Russians.

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06.08 United States: Russia launched an “all-out war on the truth”

The United States accused Russia of waging a “total war on media freedom and truth” by blocking independent media and preventing Russians from accessing news related to the invasion of Ukraine. This was stated in a statement by the US State Department.

Anonymous 05.45: 007 from Moscow alerted Kyiv about the Zelensky attack

The Russian intelligence services (FSB) leaked information that alerted Ukraine to a plot to assassinate President Zelensky: the hacker group Anonymous wrote in a tweet. ZelenskyyUa. Now, we can expect an internal power struggle in the Kremlin to overthrow the Putin regime. In the meantime, we are continuing the attacks,” she tweeted guardian.

05.15 Zelensky: “Fierce resistance. We will expel them.”

“Wherever they go, they will be destroyed. Here they will not rest, they will not have food, they will not have a single moment of calm. The occupiers will get only one thing from the Ukrainians: resistance. Fierce resistance. Like this. Resistance they will always remember that we do not surrender. Why It is ours, who will remember what a Patriotic War is. ” Zelensky said this in a new TV message. Having stated that “almost 9,000 Russians were killed in a week”, the Ukrainian president appealed to the young army in Moscow: “Tell your officers that you want to live. You do not want to die but live. We must stop the war and restore peace as soon as possible.” He concluded, “We’ll chase them away. With shame…these are not superpower warriors. They’re confused, exploited children. Take them home.”

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04.13 from Moscow “lesson” about the “mission” in Ukraine

The Russian Ministry of Education announced that it will publish an “open lesson” today to explain why the “liberation mission in Ukraine is necessary”: he reported on Twitter at Kyiv Independent. The “lesson” will be broadcast at noon Moscow time (10.00 Italian time).

03.15 Oil continues to rise

The price of oil continues to rise: Brent crude reached $116.83 a barrel, its highest level since August 2013, before falling back to $116.46, while West Texas Intermediate (WTI) crude rose to 113.31, an increase of more than $2, updating the highest levels which it has reached. last 11 years.

02.10 UNHCR: 1 million already displaced

Already a million Ukrainians have fled their homes due to the Russian invasion. According to the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, there are 840,000 registered abroad, mainly in Poland and Romania. Calculations of how many have moved, leaving cities under attack but staying in Ukraine are more difficult, but local media estimates put it at 300,000.

01.33 Toyota stops Saint Petersburg plant

Toyota has announced it is suspending operations at its only plant in Russia, Saint Petersburg, and halting shipment of vehicles to the country, citing “supply chain disruptions” linked to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

01.08 Four explosions in Kyiv

Four explosions were heard in Kyiv shortly after the air raid began. The first two are in the center, and the other two are near the Druzhby Narodiv metro station. Reports on Kyiv Independent.

00.50 Osce: One of our workers was killed in Kharkiv

Marina Venina, national member of the OSCE Special Monitoring Mission to Ukraine (SMM), was killed in a bomb raid in Kharkiv on March 1. This is stated in a memorandum issued by the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe: “Marina was killed while carrying out supplies for her family in a city that has become a war zone. In Kharkiv and in other cities and towns in Ukraine, rockets, grenades and rockets hit apartment buildings and urban centers, killing and injuring innocent civilians – women and men and children.”

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Ukraine, the suffering of a woman in front of her destroyed house

00.35 New alarm in Kyiv, an explosion was heard

New alert in Kyiv where the sirens sound. A loud explosion was heard. write it on Kyiv IndependentAll residents are invited to reach the nearest shelter.

00:30 Zalensky: “We broke Moscow’s deceptive plans”

“We are a nation that broke the enemy’s plans in a week. Plans written for years: sneaky, full of hatred for our country and our people.” President Zelensky said this in a video posted on Telegram.

00.20 The United States delivers hundreds of missiles to Kyiv

The United States has delivered “hundreds of Stinger anti-aircraft missiles” to Ukraine in the past few hours. CNN reported this, citing informed sources. According to an official and a member of Congress, two hundred of these missiles were delivered two days ago.

00.10 Investigation by the Hague Tribunal into alleged war crimes

The International Criminal Court has officially launched an investigation into alleged war crimes committed by Russia in Ukraine. This was stated by a lawyer CPIKarim A. Khan Qc, after 39 countries, including Italy, which is a very large number, have signed the court activation procedure. The Prosecutor General said that evidence-gathering work in Ukraine had already begun.

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