Mission of the members of Copasir in Calabria to the United States

Mission of the members of Copasir in Calabria to the United States

Two members of Parliament from Calabria participated in the institutional mission of Copacer in United State. quintuples Federica Diene Who is the deputy head of the Parliamentary Committee for the Security of the Republic – Lorenziano? Ernesto Majorno. Nearly a week of secret meetings and discussions during which the Italian representation visited, among other places, the White House and the Capitol.
Senator Majorno, what are the tangible results of the mission of “Copacer” at the heart of American institutions?
“They were intense and beautiful days when I felt the honor of my role. We have worked hard and addressed important facts by sharing the need for a strong transatlantic policy on Africa, the continent on which the next geopolitical game will be played, and the opportunity to enhance cooperation between the intelligence services of the two countries. We returned to Italy with awareness, and this is the real, tangible result of the task, which is to enrich the weight of the precious contents of the work ahead. What is certain is that NATO countries are doing their best to bring peace to Ukraine.

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