The strange phenomenon captured at sunrise

The strange phenomenon captured at sunrise
Blu-ray sky sun

Blue ray above the sun. Author: Mark Brett – Far Horizons @finestresdaire

he Blue rays that it Optical phenomenon What a wonderful thing that happens At dawn or at sunset And only It lasts a few seconds Where this is literally observed Bluish stripe above Sol.

It is the result of the scattering of sunlight, which is broken down into all colors of the visible spectrum as it passes through the layers of the atmosphere. This atmospheric decay is a well-known phenomenon that causes light to separate into different wavelengths, with violet and blue being the most dispersed colors, followed by green, yellow, orange and red. Particles in the atmosphere are responsible for this decomposition.

Very clear and cloudless skies to see

Right around dawn or sunset is the time of day when the star is lowest on the horizon, and here's why The light must pass through a greater amount of atmosphere. This last fact exacerbates this phenomenon.

You are likely to see the blue beam in Optimal weather conditionsLike one The clearest I Clear of cloudsAnd atmospheric stability Good unobstructed vision. Places with clean air and free of pollution help to see the phenomenon more clearly.

In addition, atmospheric refraction also plays a crucial role, because when light passes through different layers of the atmosphere with different densities, it deflects and bends, affecting the perception of the beam.

Blue ray vision is fleeting I, Very quickly and then a green one can be seen.

Green light in San Francisco in 2006. Source: Wikipedia.

he Mark BrettSpecializing in photographing optical phenomena and distant horizons, he was responsible for photographing this beauty picture. Some time ago, in 2015, he was able to capture this phenomenon of pastement, along with Juanjo DiazAlso specialized.

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