US Grand Prix – Norris: “Happy with the 100 races, but I have no confidence this weekend”

US Grand Prix – Norris: “Happy with the 100 races, but I have no confidence this weekend”

10/19/2023 at 10.30 pm

US Grand Prix – Norris: “Happy with the 100 races, but I have no confidence this weekend”

Formula 1 is finally back on track after a week-long hiatus. This weekend the single seaters will be racing along the track quota to Austin In the United States of America. As is the case every Thursday leading up to the event on the race track, the drivers were immersed in questions from journalists in the press room.

McLaren Lando driver Norris Talk about what happened over the weekend The State of Qatar He also took a look at his entire Formula 1 career and talked about his best races. Below are his words.

Norris talks about his best races

Landau NorrisSpeaking about achieving 100 Formula 1 appearances, he announced: “I’m very proud, I don’t think many people in the world can achieve similar goals. Even many people who enter Formula 1 don’t manage to compete in a hundred races. I want to stay here for a very long time,” and that will be my next goal. “In these 100 races, there are a lot of ups and downs, so let’s just say it’s been a fun ride so far.”

Then the Englishman added: “I can’t say what my best race was, but the most obvious race is the one in which I got on the podium. I will always remember pole position and my first podium in Formula 1. Maybe they were not the best for me. Because if I look at the results in the race I think that Double a Monza 2021 with Daniel, and some of the other races this year have been a lot of fun. So I have several in different circles. maybe Silverstone “It was the most important moment, as it was also a home race, but it was all overshadowed by the fact that I had not yet achieved my first win.”

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Then analyze the challenge quota McLaren driver said: “Coming here I don’t have a lot of confidence, because on this track there are many slow turns which are not our strong point. If we look Singapore Our performance wasn’t bad, but we weren’t as strong as Ferrari, but anyway it wasn’t a bad race for us, but we know that on these types of tracks, Mercedes is always very strong, like Ferrari and Aston Martin, so it’s not one of those tracks. , like The State of Qatar, which we knew would suit us well. “We can definitely fight, but it will definitely be more complicated for us.”

Then back to the weekend The State of Qatar Regarding the mistakes committed in qualifying, Lando revealed: “Obviously I’m not going to change my approach. The margins are really small and what made things worse is that I won’t say it easily, but I could have gone first on both occasions. Maybe that wouldn’t have been the case on Saturday. “Easy, but in the worst case scenario I would have stayed In first and second places. “When I then realized that our pace on Sunday was on par, or even faster than Red Bull, I felt it was a missed opportunity on our part.”

Norris Then he concluded his speech by saying: He added: “At the same time, I performed very well in the race even if I made some mistakes, but in the end, what always stands out are the negative episodes, so yes, I made some mistakes, I felt frustrated, but I have turned the page and I will try to make sure that does not happen.” once again”.

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