Reus finished Domènech i Montaner's year with good numbers

Reus finished Domènech i Montaner's year with good numbers

Throughout 2023 Reus celebrated Centenary of the death of the architect Luis Dominique i Montanera year driven by the Domènech i Montaner Table, formed by the Barcelona City Councils, Canet de Mar and Ruiz, the Domènech i Montaner Foundation and the Center for Domènech i Montaner Studies I, which this year also included the State Department of Culture.

In Rios, boundaries are programmed 50 events and activities for all audiencesall ages and throughout the year, which collected more than 25,000 visitors. for every Noemi LauradoCity Project Advisor, said, “With this data, we can see that this celebration was one of the city project actions that had the most significant tourism and economic impact.”

The activities of the Domènech i Montaner Year were programmed into five lines of action: Exhibitions, lecture series, courses, conferences, cultural events, educational activities and finally the publication of architectural works.

During this year, Reus Promoció proposed initiatives with a call for continuity and a future perspective, therefore The explanation of the character of Dominic I Montaner is enhanced In the already created Ruta del Modernisme, the visitation was digitized and new family visits were created in Pere Mata, to join the theatrical and audio-guided visitation.

It is also important to highlight Two experimental improvements have been integrated:

  • The new immersive space that precedes the visit to the Distinguished Pavilion at the Pir Mata Institute, a space that uses the latest technologies to provide us with information about the history of this emblematic building.
  • Original project model by Piri Mata that shows us how the architect conceived the project.
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According to Council Member Noemi Lorado, “It goes without saying that the Year of Domènech i Montaner in Reus has achieved the goal of making every aspect of personality known through an intense program of activities aimed at all audiences. The anniversary serves us definitively placing the architect in his rightful place as the father of modernism Catalanism and the status of Reus as one of the main modernist cities in Catalonia, among the local public but also among international sectors, especially French ones.”

All kinds of activities were offered during the year, among them Historical entertainment “Rios 1900. Party of Modernity”, Held in April, it was promoted by Casa Navas and the Rios Promotion Agency, with the support of entities and companies in the city.

La Casa Navàs, in particular, has promoted many activities to join the celebration, through a very transversal programme, with Dramatic visits or unusual visitssuch as those directed by the dance company Indra Dance Company.

The year Domènech i Muntaner also allowed the opening of a symbolic space, e.g Casa Gasol, usually closed to the publicor being able to see the architectural works of Domènech i Montaner from a different point of view with the Ernest Crusats concert at the Pere Mata Institute as part of the les Roses Festival.

Finally, among the large number of exhibitions, book presentations and activities carried out, the Lluís Domènech i Montaner conference must be highlighted. The conference was organized by the Canet City Council, the Luis Dominique i Montaner Studies Center and the Reus City Council. This was three sessions. Closed at Círcol de Reus. And there was more than one 40 specialists In the world of Domènech i Montaner and the three session venues were sold out.

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