The United States retracts the firing of long-range missiles in Kiev, but the army has no supply problems and continues to launch them –

The United States retracts the firing of long-range missiles in Kiev, but the army has no supply problems and continues to launch them –

The White House has not made up its mind yet Long-range missiles for Ukraine: the green light seemed close, but according to the news from Washington Postthere was It is a later stage. Which does not rule out another course in the future if they realize that it is truly indispensable in the capital.


Kiev, even in recent days, asked for the supply of weapons Capable of hitting 300 km, any ACTAMS that HIMARS can launch. The Americans had hinted at the possibility of “yes”, a way to help the army break through the strong positions of the occupiers. a clause from a ‘no’ and thus to a possible ‘yes’, In the end the opposite.

US sources attribute the economic slowdown to several factors.
1) There are not enough stocksLockheed makes $500 a year but it’s headed to other countries.
2) Ukrainians have alternative gods French scalps and British stormtroopersAccurately works in warehouses and orders. Against the trenches they could resort to cluster bombs, which are disputed.
3) There are other needs for resistance in particular Mine clearing equipment: The “camps” established by the Russians constitute an insurmountable obstacle. Maybe Ukraine The most mined country in the world.
4) They are strong Diplomatic “brake”.. The United States is trying – as much as possible – to avoid further tensions with Moscow because it is afraid of getting a job on Russian soil despite Zelensky’s reassurances.

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And they reveal that Russia has no such problems or hesitations Bombing enemy citiesLike Odessa. Over the winter, expectations arose in the West—particularly the British—about a possible shortage of long-range missiles and production difficulties.

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Instead, the army kept “shooting”. Systems of all kinds of ships, submarines and aircraft. The factories will be able to operate 100 carriers a month. Obviously, the analyzes were wrong. Contrasting reviews also on Lines of defense created by invadersThe debate heated up due to the slow progress of Ukraine.

Some experts believe that the multiple “forts” do their part Face resistance guarantee, an option attributed to General Surovikin. In fact they are building new ones. It is clear that the hardware (fixed and mobile) is partially underestimated and it would be wrong to talk about a “surprise”, given that the work of the engineers was clearly visible. Other observers, on the other hand, are sure of this, and they argue The effects of Ukrainian pressure will appear lateras a result of the constant wear and tear to which Putin’s forces will be subjected.

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