Israel – Hamas is at war. Today’s News: The Israeli army: The battle moves to Gaza. – The United States shoots down three Yemeni missiles over the Red Sea

Israel – Hamas is at war. Today’s News: The Israeli army: The battle moves to Gaza.  – The United States shoots down three Yemeni missiles over the Red Sea

• It’s the 14th day of the war: At least 3,785 Palestinians, 1,400 Israelis and 203 hostages have been killed, according to Tel Aviv army commanders, and the conflict is moving toward Gaza.
• The winds of war are blowing across the region. On Thursday, a US warship shot down three Yemeni missiles in the Red Sea: “It is possible that they were against Israel.”
• Explain the history of the conflict between Palestinians and Israelis.
• Yesterday, Biden met with Netanyahu in Tel Aviv and said: “It appears that Israel was not the one that struck the hospital.”
• What happened to Al-Ahli Hospital in Gaza: destruction, fire, rumours. “Jihad missile.”
• Why has Israel not begun the ground attack in Gaza yet?

06:42 AM – The main hospital in Gaza will cut off electricity within 24 hours

The power to Al-Shifa Hospital, the main hospital in Gaza City, will be cut off within 24 hours, and as a result “many patients will die.” This was stated by the head of Doctors Without Borders for Palestine, Guillemet Thomas, in an interview with CNN. He added that the remaining fuel in the hospital’s generators would be enough for another day, after which patients in intensive care, neonatal care and patients supported by ventilators and other life-saving machines would be at risk.

06.14 am – Israeli raid on Hezbollah infrastructure at night

The IDF “carried out a series of attacks against Hezbollah infrastructure, including observation points,” in response to Hezbollah’s “firing of anti-tank missiles across the border throughout the day,” they wrote on the State Defense Forces (IDF) cable. “Israeli Defense Forces fighter jets wounded three terrorists who attempted to launch anti-tank missiles towards Israel.”

05.06 AM – At least 21 journalists have been in their offices since the beginning of the war between Israel and Hamas.

At least 21 journalists have been killed since the beginning of the conflict between Israel and Hamas: This was stated in a statement published by the Committee to Protect Journalists on its website. “As of October 19, at least 21 journalists were among more than 4,000 dead on both sides since the war began on October 7,” the nonprofit wrote. Among the 21 journalists whose deaths were confirmed, 17 were Palestinians, three Israelis, and one Lebanese. Eight other journalists were injured and three were missing or arrested. The list of dead journalists published by the Committee to Protect Journalists does not include the journalist who died yesterday in southern Lebanon, near the Blue Line separating Israel.

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05.04 am – At least two people were killed in the Israeli raid on the San Porfirio Orthodox Church

At least two people were killed in the Israeli bombing of the Greek Orthodox Church of San Porfirio, in the historic area of ​​Gaza City, which occurred yesterday, according to the Greek newspaper Naftimburki. He added that local sources fear more casualties, as they speak of dozens of people trapped under the rubble.

03.26 am – Biden will ask Congress for 60 billion for Ukraine and 10 billion for Israel

(By Viviana Mazza, our correspondent from New York) “We are at a global turning point,” Joe Biden said overnight in an address to the nation, his second from the Oval Office of his presidency. He enthusiastically compared Putin, noting that both, despite their differences, “want to wipe out neighboring democracies.” He relied on scenes from his trips to Ukraine and Israel, and he is the first American president to visit a war zone not under direct American control since Lincoln. He repeated in an interview in recent days that “America” is capable of “managing both wars.” We have the ability and commitment. “We are an essential nation” and must remain “a beacon in the world”: “We cannot allow terrorists and tyrants to win: if they are not stopped they will cause more devastation”…

02.27 am – Biden: Israel must respect the laws of war

“I spoke in Israel with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu about the necessity of working in accordance with the laws of war,” said US President Joe Biden, speaking from the Oval Office.

02.18 am – Biden: The conflict could spread to other parts of the world

02.14 am – Biden: The victories of Israel and Ukraine are vital for America

Israel’s victories against Hamas and Ukraine’s victories against Russia are “vital to America.” This is what US President Joe Biden said in his long-awaited speech from the Oval Office of the White House about the complex situation in the Middle East and Ukraine. Biden added that Hamas, like Russian President Vladimir Putin, wants to destroy “democracies” close to it.

01.27 am – Moody’s may downgrade Israel’s rating due to war risks

Moody’s warned that it may lower Israel’s rating to A1 due to the seriousness of the military conflict with Hamas. “Israel’s credit profile has proven its resilience in the face of terrorist attacks and previous military conflicts,” the rating agency said. “However, the intensity of the current military conflict increases the likelihood of a material and lasting credit impact.” Moody’s said its review will focus on the duration and scope of the conflict and its impact on the Israeli economy, institutions and public finances. The rating company explained that the review may take longer than the usual three-month period.

01:16- One: 6 speakers accuse Israel of committing crimes against humanity in Gaza

Six UN special rapporteurs accuse Israel of committing crimes against humanity in Gaza after a 16-day siege on the Strip, military operations, arrests and killings, and say there is a “risk of genocide” in the Palestinian territories. The UN experts said in a statement: “There is no justification for these crimes, and we are horrified by the international community’s lack of action in confronting these warmongers.” They added that Gazans, half of whom are children, have already suffered decades of illegal occupation, endured 16 years of blockade and now face a “total blockade, coupled with impossible evacuation orders” that cannot be respected, in violation of international law. The declaration was signed by the United Nations rapporteurs on water and hygiene (Pedro Araujo), human rights in Palestine (Francisca Albanese), violence against women (Reem Al-Salem), the rights of displaced persons (Paola Gaviria), food (Michael Fakhri) and. Accommodation (Balakrishnan Rajagopal).

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00:49- CNN: The Rafah crossing will not open today

The Rafah crossing will not open today, Friday, to allow the entry of a humanitarian aid convoy from Egypt to Gaza, despite expectations expressed by US President Joe Biden. CNN reported this, citing “some sources.”

00:27 – A senior Israeli officer: “The attack on Gaza will be long and intense.”

The commander of the Israeli army’s Southern Command said that Israeli forces are finalizing preparations for a ground invasion of Gaza. Maj. Gen. Yaron Finkelman, speaking to troops near the border with Gaza, said the expected ground offensive in the Gaza Strip would be “long and intense,” the Times of Israel reported. He added: “We will defeat them on their own lands.” “It will be hard, long and intense.”

00.26 – Bin Salman responds to Snack: “The attacks on civilians in Gaza are terrible.”

Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman strongly condemned the attacks on civilians in Gaza, calling them “terrible” and warning of “dangerous repercussions” if the conflict escalates. Saudi official media reported this in reference to the meeting with British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak. Sunak met with Bin Salman after a visit to Israel, where he met with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu as part of a round of meetings that is expected to take him to other Middle Eastern countries as part of efforts to ease tensions in the region. The official Saudi Press Agency quoted Prince Mohammed as saying: The Kingdom considers targeting civilians in Gaza a heinous crime and a brutal attack, stressing the need to work to provide protection for them. He also “stressed the need to make all possible efforts to reduce the pace of escalation and ensure that violence does not spread to avoid serious repercussions on security and peace in the region and the world.”

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