Shocked in the US, a policeman uses an electric shockwave at a gas station and sets a man on fire

Shocked in the US, a policeman uses an electric shockwave at a gas station and sets a man on fire

A police officer shot with Electric detonator Facing a motorcyclist at a gas station in Wawa, Florida, one light fireball who – whichCook it alive.

The episode, which dates back to February 27, caused a sensation in the United States. to me Washington PostAnd Jean Barretto26 years old, sustained third-degree burns to 75% of her body after sheriff’s deputy David Crawford, who was also injured in the accident, caused a gas explosion during an attempted arrest. Both are now in hospital with the 26-year-old who is said to be fighting for his life as he undergoes further treatment for a skin graft.


Osceola County Police Department released two films from the accident. The first, from Crawford’s camera, shows him approaching the petrol pumps as Barreto fills his motorcycle before confronting him on the ground. After the man appeared to resist arrest, Cobb Crawford pulled one out a gun He hits it with a thunderbolt while gasoline continues to spill from the nearby pump.

Despite identifying a flammable substance nearby, Crawford appears to fire his bolt again, setting off flames. Pictures show him pleading with fellow officers for “turn off” Fire to his legs as he rolls hopelessly for 30 seconds. Another video, filmed from the point of view of Representative Christopher Covinas, shows police following Pareto in the car.

After rushing to help his colleague during the arrest, Covinas also appears to pull a detonator in the moments before the explosion occurs. Auxiliary officers are shown standing still shooting on his pants before helping Crawford, whose legs are engulfed in fire. Another officer is lying on the ground, and Gatorade is poured into Crawford to put out the fire.

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Barreto’s lawyer, Mark NjeimDescribe the consequences of the accident: “Our client, Jean Barreto, was cooked alive by the excessive, irresponsible and illegal actions of the Osceola County Sheriff’s Office, whose policies, established and promoted by Sheriff Lopez, led to these and other atrocities within his administration.” He confirmed that his client is still in Orlando Hospital and has already undergone dozens of… Surgical interventions To treat severe burns. “It gets wrapped and disposed of every day in gauze, and it still bleeds profusely because it doesn’t have as much skin as it takes to hold bodily fluids.”star said.

Meanwhile, Osceola County Mayor Marco Lopez He answered questions on behalf of the police at a press conference, detailing the events that led to the failure of the arrest. He confirmed that the man was targeted by the police after he lost a traffic block established by the authorities. The surgery was performed after an emergency services caller reported a reckless motorcyclist who allegedly threatened him with a roadside pistol. Lopez added that the driver jumped 13 red lightperformed 6 stunts and got into the oncoming lane 5 times while being chased by police for several miles across Osceola County.

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