US attorney general sues Trump: ‘Years of fraud to get rich’

US attorney general sues Trump: ‘Years of fraud to get rich’

At the end of a three-year investigation, it was Attorney General of New Yorkft., Letitia James, a Civil suit against Donald TrumpHis three older children and the Trump Organization, accused of being involved for more than a decade in order to get rich, inwidespread scam. In particular, the accusation is deceiving investors and tax authorities by inflating property values ​​for investments and then reducing them for tax breaks and subsidized loans.

“This behavior cannot be ignored or tolerated as a bona fide error – James said today at a press conference – the financial position statements have been massively inflated, wrongly, fraudulently and illegally.” Prosecutor’s Office He is asking for a fine of $250 million And that the court bars the former president and his sons – Donald Jr., Ivanka and Eric – from holding executive positions in companies registered in New York state.

He accused James Trump of “wrongly increasing his fortune by billions of dollars to get rich and fooling the system and thus fooling us all.” The value of the assets was manipulated “to induce banks to lend money to the Trump Organization on better terms, pay lower taxes, and push insurance companies to provide more beneficial coverage.”

Trump’s response – who in the past attacked the “vengeful and self-centered” prosecutor several times – came to her lawyer Alina Heba: “Today’s appeal is not based on facts nor on the law, but only on advancing the party’s political agenda. The prosecutor.”

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