new gigafacotry in the us

new gigafacotry in the us

Stellants and Samsung It will build a new battery manufacturing plant by 2027.

target below Plan ahead To reach an initial annual production capacity of 34 GWh, Stellants and Samsung Already in the past, in May 2022, they announced their intention to build the first battery production plant in the United States in Kokomo, Indiana.

Stellantis and Samsung: Towards a Second Gigafactory

the first Giga Factory As a result of the partnership between the two major leaders in their respective market segments, it will be generated by 2025 and will have an installed capacity of 33 GWh, which is a much higher target than initially set (23 GWh).

This new facility will help achieve our ambitious goal of delivering at least 25 new battery electric vehicles to the North American market by the end of this decade.” I have declared Carlos Tavares, CEO, Stellantis.
“We continue to grow our capability in the United States in collaboration with our valued partners Samsung SDI We are taking the following steps to reach our goal of net zero carbon emissions by 2038.

In the past year, with the creation of the joint venture with Stellantis, we have laid a solid foundation for strengthening our presence in North America.” confirmed President and CEO of Samsung SDI Yoon-ho Choi.
“The second plant will accelerate our development in the US market and will help Stellantis advance the electrification transition in the US, providing products with the highest levels of safety and quality.”. “

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