When the United States Rewarded John Wayne: The Mix of Fiction and Reality Until Today

When the United States Rewarded John Wayne: The Mix of Fiction and Reality Until Today

Sometimes fantasy exceeds reality. Or better yet: sometimes the boundaries between fantasy and reality become invisible. It has been happening in mass culture for a long time. In the United States during World War II, many comedians see their characters as “recruits” in the war against the enemy (if not – as in the case of Captain America – created specifically to fight the Nazis). This is something that happens too Terry and the Piratescarton of Milton CanniffPublished since 1934: In the October 17, 1943 issue, the main character, Terryan Air Force enlisted, and his creed explains the ideological and moral reasons he must fight for.

The vignette sequence is known as Pilot’s Doctrine, and after being read in the US Congress, it was distributed for a long time to cadet pilots of the US Army. Not only that: When, in the storyboard, Terry gets a promotion, major newspapers publicly publish the news on their pages and the USAF sends him (or rather, sends him to the author) real card Complete with a serial number.

One might assume that a similar mixing of fantasy and reality was the result of the stress of the war years. But it is not exactly so: on June 9, 1980, President Jimmy Carter handed over to the widow John Waynedead for a year, Presidential Medal of FreedomFor these reasons: “The President of the United States awards this Presidential Medal of Freedom John Wayne. John Wayne was the epitome and symbol of true American design. Through his countless roles, The Duke continues to lead millions of individuals on heroic adventures in defense of fairness and justice. Enter Solid American Values ​​for IndividualityCourage and perseverance in the name of truth. He was an example of patriotism and will be especially remembered every time our nation faces a challenge that requires resolute courage.”

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More than the emphatic tone, it is remarkable that the honor was not so much given to the person – John Wayne, who in his real life did not fight any battle, but To the heroic characters he played. This is really impressive.

But the truth is that since then the boundary between fantasy and political reality has been crossed many more times, and they are all very important: two action movie actors, Ronald Reagan And the Arnold Schwarzenegger, they were the first Governor of California and then President of the United States; And the second governor of California. Then he gave way to cinema for television: from there, in various forms, Silvio Berlusconi drew communicative resources; and then Baby Grillo (Although only the first part of his career took place on television); and then Donald Trump (Reality TV star the Apprentice); Finally Volodymyr ZelenskyThe TV series started his political career Abdul people.

By the way, bought La7 serial rights: It would be interesting to follow it, to find out the novel that turned this actor into an important political leader and then, even, into the president of Ukraine.

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