United States, Biden will return commercial flights to Cuba Corriere.it

United States, Biden will return commercial flights to Cuba Corriere.it
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Trump’s $1,000 transfers limit per quarter will be suspended. Family reunifications, which have been suspended for years, will also be resumed

The Biden administration announced that it would reinstate business trips to Cubawhich is now only arriving in Havana, and is suspending a $1,000 per quarter limit for transfers, reflecting some of the stricter measures from his predecessor, Donald Trump. The State Department said in a statement that President Biden will also restore the program family reunification that have been suspended for years.

Cuban people face one humanitarian crisis It is unprecedented and our policy will continue to focus on empowering the Cuban people to help them establish free future from respression And from Economic hardshipThe Ministry of Foreign Affairs said in a statement. The relaxation of the embargo on Cuba will increase visa procedures, including at the consulate in Havana, but most will continue to be handled by the US Embassy in Guyana.

According to the Biden administration, this decision will facilitate ceducational communication between the two countries, as well as support for professional research, including support for the expansion ofInternet service And companies that deal with transfers, ie money transfer outward. To increase the flow of remittances, the US government will remove the current limit of $1,000 per quarter per sender and will also allow non-family remittances to support Cuban business people does not depend on.

The Cuban government described the measures announced by the United States as a small step in the right direction. In a statement issued a little more than an hour after the Washington announcement, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs From the Caribbean country (Menrix) regretted that the administration of Joe Biden did not cancelEconomic Sanctionin effect since 1962. The decision does not change the mass, andfraudulent insertion On the list of state sponsors of terrorism, most of Trump’s coercive maximum pressure measures continue to affect the Cuban people, Menrix said.

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Cuban Foreign Minister Bruno Rodriguez scolded the United States for not changing anything Objectives n the Main Tools Bankruptcy policy (…) against Cuba, in a message posted on Twitter. However, the island government stressed in its statement that the decision also responds Orders to the American community and the Cubans living in that country which was a request of the Community of Latin American and Caribbean States and almost all the member states of the United nations. And Menrix repeated that Havana open to dialogue With Washington on the basis of the United Nations Charter. countries contract bilateral dialogue About immigration to the US capital last April. It was the first meeting of its kind in four years.

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